To My Mom and My Son: Mother’s Day

Why I love my mom (pictured with my niece): 1. She’s a beautiful person. 2. She always works very hard – at everything she does. 3. She has a HUGE heart and taught me to love everyone. 4. She is very resourceful and has always found ways to accomplish what she wanted. 5. She taught…

The International Date Festival – Round Two

Zander’s first outing (when he was 2 weeks old) was the International Date Festival in Indio. Beyond the great date shakes,  it’s also the Riverside County Fair with rides, dart games, the s.c.r.a.p. gallery, a petting zoo and lots of other silliness. Now that he’s a year old, Zander got a bit more out of it….

A History of the Sky: 146 Days

Check out “A History of the Sky: A dynamic time-lapse visualization of the sky for an entire year” at the SF Exploratorium. Watch it full-screen in HD.

Cycle and Style

Looks like I made it onto another cool website – check it out!

She Rides

This is a repost from Mikael at Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I thought my readers would love it!

Project Applesauce

What do you get when you combine 60 apples, a 6 month old Alexander and a free Sunday? Our friend Kenny had some apples that were getting too ripe, a bit mealy, so we decided to have some fun with them. Since Alexander just hit 6 months, he’s starting to explore real food and this…


Inspiring photos for cycling moms… check it out at Cycle Chic

A Beautiful Poem…

by Margaret Atwood You begin this way: this is your hand, this is your eye, that is a fish, blue and flat on the paper, almost the shape of an eye. This is your mouth, this is an O or a moon, whichever you like. This is yellow. Outside the window is the rain, green…