Starting Off Right

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For New Years, we headed down to the desert for a ride that would start my year off right. We had an invite from a bunch of Julian and Imperial Valley guys. Not really knowing what was cooking, we just knew they were a fun and strong crew to ride with.

We dropped Zander off at his grandma’s so we could hit the road at 6am. I was really looking forward to a long day in the saddle with Brendan, as we don’t get that too often and this was kind of a birthday ride for him.

After meeting everyone at Smitty’s place in Plaster City, we loaded up 15 people and their bikes like sardines into 3 trucks.

We headed down washes and out some fun doubletrack to see old stagecoach stops, beautiful arroyos and eventually skirt a somewhat-eerie, active bombing range.

The guys hammered and somehow I found myself at the front of the pack. Maybe it was because they didn’t want to throw elbows with a female, but it sure made me feel good. We hammered through open desert in the big ring for about 5 hours. It was nice to open up on flats. Here’s a sampling of the pics from the ride. Enjoy

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  1. erickevolved says:

    Awesome. Love the pics!


  2. Andy Green says:

    Great report!
    Hey, I feel embarrassed at not recognizing you at Hub last week when you saved my ride with a new pair of eggbeaters! I guess you look different without your helmet 😉 Two miles down the road I slapped myself on the head when I realized who you were… You haven’t a clue who _I_ am of course, we rode together for a while at the Death March a couple years back and I looked up your blog.
    Anyway, thanks to you we finished the enduro course and had an outstanding day! The singletrack on the shady side of Thomas Mountain made all the climbing worthwhile, despite the lingering snow.


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