To My Mom and My Son: Mother’s Day

Why I love my mom (pictured with my niece):

1. She’s a beautiful person.

2. She always works very hard – at everything she does.

3. She has a HUGE heart and taught me to love everyone.

4. She is very resourceful and has always found ways to accomplish what she wanted.

5. She taught me the joy of making things with my hands.

6. I don’t think she’s afraid of ANYTHING.

7. She has always put up with my crazy ideas and impulsiveness.

8. Even though I still challenge her and push her buttons, she’s still always there for me 🙂

9. She is a very strong woman.

10. She’s an adventurer.

Why I love being a mom:

1. Alexander

2. Book Time

3. Giggle Time

4. Hiking with him in a backpack, or riding with him in the trailer.

5. He has helped me to slow my roll and enjoy life.

6. He’s half Brendan.

7. I don’t ever have a dull moment anymore, thanks to that kiddo and his amazing sense of humor and personality.

8. He gives me hugs and is starting to give me kisses… at all the right times!

9. He has helped me to realize that it’s not about me, and it’s pretty darn good too.

10. He’s a great dancing partner.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Metcalf says:

    Hey, I met a man and his daughter today. They were at the Mescalero store and were bike riding from San Diego to Maine. I told them about you Mary and told them to be safe and enjoy their ride. They made me miss you lots.
    Have fun and keep riding.
    Love you,


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