Just after high school, someone told me “you should write a book.” I’m not much of a writer, but I am beginning to build some great stories in this big adventure.

It’s been three years since I started my blog and I find myself at a crossroad… recovered from pregnancy and childbirth and back on the way up, physically. I now wonder, what next!? I’ve ridden my bike in all but a handful of states in the US, and seen some beautiful stuff, while doing so. I’ve accomplished lots in the bike world. I’ve also got a job I love in an idyllic place, a wonderful family, great friends… and a beautiful green bike (built by my husband, of course) with a trailer for my super cute kiddo! What more could a woman ask for 😉

The current chapter of this life novel, revolves around my beautiful new son, Alexander Ray. Having a kid has made me analyze my list of priorities and he’s number one. I want to provide the best possible for this guy. I don’t just mean financially, but all of the REAL stuff that a kid needs to grow up confident, secure and compassionate. I’ve been working on some cool projects with and for him and find that my blog will be taking a slight turn as I want to share this stuff. I mean… I will continue to adventure and explore, but he will be a consideration in that. I will continue to make cool stuff and learn about the world, but he will be there experiencing all of that with me. It’s a wonderful and exciting time for us both!

Now, to share some of our recent adventures and what we’ve got coming up…

We’ve been caught up a bit lately with Ride the Divide screenings. First Monterey, then Newport Beach, then Idyllwild. We’ve got another one coming up at a super cool pub in San Diego on Adams Ave: Blind Lady Ale House, June 21st

We may also be attending a screening in Tucson July 7th at the Loft Cinema, Tucson’s Nonprofit Independent Art House. Alexander is going to know this movie verbatim by the time we’re done with screenings.

Alexander has also had many personal developments in the last couple of months. He had his first long night with his daddy when I went to Los Angeles for a school fundraiser and tanked some bottles!

He’s four months old now and is holding his head up pretty well and is very engaged with people and toys.

We also made him a garden. Well, we built it and put dirt, compost etc. (been composting for about 8 months) in it, but haven’t planted the plants yet.

Now, just this week, he started rolling onto his side.

Alexander rolling

We’ve also been working on sign language with him. The only one that he seems to recognize, so far is for MILK. We’re also working on Change, Mommy, Daddy, Water (took him to the creek for that one), Sleepy and Toys. Those are most of the important things in his life right now.

He’s becoming very vocal, too. When we read books to him, or when he’s playing with his toys, he starts cooing. He watches our lips when we read and moves his along with us. It’s just so amazing to see this little guy’s brain soaking things up – we gotta get a video camera!

Brendan and I have decided that we need to concentrate on our own nutrition and exercise even more, so we can keep up with this guy. I’ve added flax and molasses into our diet. I have been making sourdough waffles from the starter that Brendan’s mom gave me and incorporating more nuts and seeds and fresh fruit. Brendan has been running and I have been getting up early to work out. It’s going to be a tough road… getting these core muscles back, and the first week was a bit painful.

We’re pretty lucky, so far, with this happy kid. He seems to soak things up and is growing like a weed. He has doubled his birth weight and his health and demeanor rub off on us!

I think that book will have to be written after I’m dead. The adventures keep happening so fast, there’s not even a break in the action for a different chapter.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. GrizzlyAdam says:

    Kids are a revolving door of adventure. One (adventure) follows the next. It never gets old, and there is no finish line. It’s the ultimate ride. But a few bike rides in between never hurt.


  2. Maria Rose says:

    Wow, he is growing so quickly! My experience with my daughter is going the same, each day is an exciting new adventure. It just keeps getting better and better.


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