The ABCs of a pro cyclist and beginner parent

We’ve gotta teach Alexander the ABCs soon, so thought I’d practice. Enjoy!

Alexander rocks… every day!

Back on the Bike with Brendan and Baby – pulling the Chariot and trying to get in a daily ride, even if it’s just to the Post Office.

Craziness on the road – took a road trip to NM to see family.

Dave Dog loves dirty diapers – it’s a doggy Hot Pocket, caught him in the act!

Everyday Excitement – it is more fun than I ever imagined.

Fatherhood – he’s wearing it well!!

GROWING – he’s gotta get ready to reach the ground on the push bike… I mean, after he can hold his head up 🙂

Bonus GGnar… what Alexander will shred, some day!

Hardcore – my definition of this has changed and riding for an hour seems pretty hardcore right now.

Interacting with the world around him…


Kid is Kicking – I think he’s getting ready for pedaling 🙂

Lungs awesome, Legs… atrophy! – Really, they were pretty sore after the first couple of days of riding to the post office!

Mommy – a new word for me and I’m trying hard to wear it well.

Naps… lots of them, the ones where he’s laying on my chest are the most precious.

Ocotillos – the family favorite plant – found in our favorite biome… the desert!

Pooping… of course!

Quiver – lip quiver that is

Riding – with a new definition and appreciation.


Bonus SStories to Share with our kiddo.

Trainer – it’s staring me down, but that really doesn’t look like fun.


V02 Max – this is supposed to be a benefit of Pregnancy – nice lungs.

Wendy – AKA Garner Valley Grandma (the shreddinest grandma ever!) – sent us Easter books – she keeps up with Alexander like a true grandma!

X.. hmmm… not much here, Xchromosome combined with Y = makes our little guy!

Yawning – It’s too cute.

Zone – this is where Alexander goes when he’s in the bike trailer!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ali says:

    Your baby is so super beautiful 🙂 Happy to hear you’re enjoying it more than you ever imagined. I might give this a shot in the upcoming year… umm maybe. yah.


  2. Maria Rose says:

    Hot pockets! We caught Bumblebee in the act too. She seemed full of shame. Disturbing! We can never ever look at her the same.


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