San Diego Sights

Who knew you could have so much fun, without even swinging a leg over a bike. I’m working on figuring out how and this past weekend was a start. We went to San Diego for the Racers and Chasers Mountain Bike race at Balboa Park (see Brendan’s writeup.) It was one of our best California expo’s we’ve had and just a great atmosphere with good people.

We met up with Derek and Tessa (future Siren owners) there and hung out with them for the weekend. They showed us all around San Diego and even this 34weeks pregnant lady had fun! Thanks to Brendan and Tessa for taking all the wonderful photos.


Right after the race, we grabbed a bite to eat in The Village then headed down to the beach with Tessa…


and Derek.

Mary Beach


The Seals were good at mugging…

And so was this guy!

After walking around at the shore, a little coffee was in order!

We stopped in at Tessa’s parents’ place to get some warmer clothes on and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the ocean before heading back out.

We headed down to the gaslamp district for dinner and had tapas at Cafe Sevilla. The area was lit up with Christmas lights and the night was young!

We then headed out on a whilrwind tour of Little Italy and Old Town.

Couldn’t resist this one.

Old-Town Nativity

After a night in La Jolla the morning walk was chilly and smelled like the ocean. What a relaxing yet stimulating way for a preggers to start her day!

I’m always impresed with the plant life down by the water. It’s like all the annuals elsewhere can keep living forever down there. This Coral tree was very beautiful in the morning light. Before heading back up the mountain, Brendan got a ride in with Tessa and Derek. I pulled the preggers card and took the day off – a bit beat from all the walking Saturday but satisfied with all the wonderful sights.


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