Last long ride of the year :(

Last weekend, our good friend Matt traveled out from Tucson and we hit Palm Canyon, once again. I’m now 7 months along, so it was quite a ride!

mattbrenpcWe couldn’t have asked for better weather and even though the guys had a huge ride the day before, we still got a decent start time in the morning.


brenmattpc2I’m blaming it on the pregnancy brain, but I totally forgot my wingnut at home and put my new cleats on backwards!! Fortunately, the guys had enough food and drink to go around – plus, I’m carrying this growing kid (weighing in at 2lbs 5oz the week before) and all the extra padding for him!

belly2Fortunately, I’ve put on some beefier tires recently, so the new center of gravity isn’t throwing me off too much. I’m still able to shred the good stuff.

bellyshreddin7moTowards the end, I took the shortcut down Dunn Road while the guys shredded the uber-techy Art Smith trail. I was a little worried about that part, not to mention, a bit tired.

I decided, at the end of this ride, that it was my last long one. I feel like I’m going into a tough home stretch where the kid is taking my energy again and the weight is taking it’s toll on my back. I’ve already gained over 20 lbs and it’s only starting to pick up now. He’s constantly kicking and moving (at the last ultrasound, we saw him punch my bladder!!) I think, with all this movement, is a happy and thriving, developing kid.

What an exciting time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brendan says:

    That was a GREAT ride with you.
    I still can’t believe how fast & flowy it was for us!


  2. Maria Rose says:

    Glad to see you’re staying active, I was until the day I delivered and it has made recovery MUCH better. You look great and I am glad to hear all is going well.


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