Divide Presentation… and then some.

With the divide already checked off and the baby on the way, the excitement keeps coming!

Next Wednesday, I’m giving a presentation/slideshow here in Idyllwild. there’s a local recreation council that has asked me to speak and is having a wine and cheese gathering before the event followed by my presentation and then dinner. I feel pretty honored to be asked, so I won’t let them down. I’ve got friends from out of town coming – including another divide racer – Cannon and my best friend – Carol Ann, from Orange County. It should be a great event and is open to the public and free! (Dinner isn’t included free, but you’re all invited.) Here’s a link with the details, or check out this week’s Town Crier.

Then, next Thursday, we’re going to a showing of the Leadville 100 movie (Race Across the Sky) in Palm Desert with Cannon. He got tickets for us and we’re really excited. It’s a one day only screening that is happening all around the country – check it out here and below is the trailer.

Other exciting news on the baby front. Today, I’m expecting the new little baby trailer/jogger/stroller to arrive. We did a little bartering with one of our super-cool customers and this should arrive just in time for my birthday – thanks Brad and family!

cougar1It’s a Chariot Cougar 1 and can be used as a trailer (which is essential), a jogger, and a stroller (while he’s really little.) This thing is pretty rad; it even has leaf spring type suspension and you can get a cross-country ski kit for it. Whoah!

So, this weekend, we may go down to the Santa Ana River Trail or some other paved path in SoCal for a little birthday ride/trial run of the trailer. We’ve got another trailer that Dave (our dog) can ride in so Brendan can pull Dave and I’ll throw a backpack or soemthing in the new one. This way we can start scouting trailer-type trails and see how the new trailer handles before putting the little guy in it.


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  1. I loved my trailer pulling days. Put your little tike in his car seat then the car seat in the trailer – keeps them much comfier snuggled up like that and safer too. When my kids were older they would sing and chat to me all the time in the trailer. “mommy is the sky blue above the sky?”


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