6 months; 6 Hours in the Saddle

I’m convinced that when I’m having a good time, so is the little guy. That’s what Sunday was all about. Brendan said I had that ear-to-ear grin the entire time. This was our first time back down Palm Canyon since it’s cooled off and the weather was PERFECT!

We started out at 7:30 (a little later than we intended, but Dave was asleep when he got here anyways.) This big shuttle ride necessitates quite a drive, but we definitely keep the drive/ride time ratio healthy. The rule is that we have to ride for a longer duration than drive. Heading out of Idyllwild, we dropped down into a cottonball blanket of clouds by Garner Valley.




We dropped one of the matching Explorers in Cathedral City and headed back up to the trail.


We started riding at about 9:30 in the sun, but could see Idyllwild, still in the clouds. The start was windy and chilly which helped us to make haste at the car and get on the trail in our efforts to drop down into the canyon. The upper section nearest pinyon has a bit of climbing and some good tech.


The only mechanical of the day was my flat – which Brendan hooked up with some Stans sealant. It was a quick easy fix and somehow the guys had stopped in a place where they don’t normally, which was right where I had the flat. Normally, I fix it myself, but these days, I don’t mind taking help since I’m carrying the extra load for us. The deal is, I carry the kid and he carries the extra tools and takes care of the bikes – not a bad deal on either end.

The lunch spot where we normally sit in the shade. It was chilly enough, though, that we took the sunny side.


Sometimes we take the Art Smith route, which is a bit shorter. Dave and I have cleared the trail that way in 4 and a half hours, but the longer route takes more like 6.

The Art Smith route is nice and techy, but the views on the full-route are very expansive.


(above) The guys are out on the ridge there, but hard to see.

We ended in Cathedral City with Pollo Loco and a chill drive home.


I’d forgotten how much good trail there is on the full route and just how tiring it would be. The worst part, when you’re 6 months pregnant, is that it feels like  you’re carrying an extra 20 lbs in your pack – which makes everything harder! Needless to say, I was pretty fatigued by the end. The baby and I slept good Sunday night.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pedalonelong says:

    Good ridin with ya


  2. OneSuurlyFlyy says:

    Aye, want also to be in the land of 4 seasons!! Good read, had to lol@ flat-fix; “I carry the kid” so, many warm congrats toya’ll.. enjoy la Dolce Vita. Take good care out there, get a Burley d’Luxe!


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