Back from Vegas; Wonderful people, great trails, and sweet pics!

You can also read Brendan’s post about our Vegas/St. George/Hurricane trip but here are some pics from a few days off. We met some pretty cool people, hung out with some old friends and shred some new trails.

It started with Vegas Thursday morning. We helped out a little in the World Bicycle Relief Booth and also met up with many good friends. At the Magura booth, I met Nadine and Martin who are just about finished with their around-the-world ride. They’ve been riding since 2003 and cover between 50 and 80 miles a day. They live off of $3,000 USD per year, camping and cooking on a little stove. Nadine said their gear weighed between 130 and 150 lbs at any point. They’ve seen temps between -1degree and 120degrees F. and ridden between -1,292ft and 17,500ft and canoed about 2,600 miles of the route.

ibike1Here’s Nadine and Martin’s website – (click on the british flag for the English site.

I also met up with Tour Divide aficionados Matthew Lee and Jay Petervary at Cross Vegas. Matthew had ridden from Salt Lake to Vegas with a Cannondale crew and a Mercedes Unimog as a sag vehicle. It was good to meet Jay and catch up with Matthew.


crossvegasCross-Vegas Craziness – always fun to watch!

The other Vegas Spectacle that we indulged in was a VIP RaceFace party at some beautiful estate north of Vegas. RaceFace is a sponsor of mine, so they sent me an invite. How I got mixed up into this downhill/freeride crowd, is a little of a mystery, but they know how to throw a party. The party was sponsored by and RaceFace and was hosted by Tippie and Wade Simmons as a preview to the new freeride flic – What’s Next? – a film by Aaron Larocque. There was a waterfall spilling into the pool with a hot tub behind the waterfall and a huge movie screen to watch the premiere. I felt a little old at a party of big-bike guys and gals, but it was a fun scene.

limoCameraphone pic, but you get the idea – RaceFace limos out to the premiere

rfpartyView from the balcony looking down into the pool with palm trees and the big screen.

After LV, we headed to St. George to catch up with our friend and fellow beautiful-bike builder Jon Hanson of Sabrosa Cycles (he models his own softgoods because he and the bikes are beautiful.) Somehow – we’re still not sure how this good fate fell upon us – Jon scored a tour of the supersonic test track on Hurricane Mesa wher Brendan’s great uncle worked in the 50’s. Jack was excited to show us around the largest privately owned test track in the U.S. and they still do ejection seat testing for private companies and the military. Jack said the track is “rated for mach 2, but we try to keep it around mach 1.”

hmesa2The end of the track – where they used to fire things go off the Mesa (in ejection seats) – including pigs and chimps!


hmesa3It was great hanging out with Jon, his wife Daleena and daughter Noelle in St. George. Wonderful people with beautiful bikes and VWs, an awesome garden, chickens and pomegranate bushes.

We headed out to Gooseberry Mesa for the night, only to end up back in Hurricane Saturday morning to meet up with friend and divide racer Dave Nice. He works at Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane. He had to work in the morning, but then we were able to get out for a ride on “Guacamole” with a group of good guys.


sleepybrenNeed Coffeeee……

davenRide leader – Dave Nice – super sweet guy and great rider

Saturday night, Over the Edge hosted “afterbike” which is an annual event with Dave’s chili, beer boiled brats, and lots of locals who brought potluck dishes. I also met Lucy Ormond, a local nurse, at the bbq. Unfortunately, no pic of Lucy, but she just finished riding coast to coast on the northern tier. We talked a little about that readjustment to every day life, which is what she’s going through right now. It was great to hear her stories and there are more to come on her blog “Lucy’s Big Adventures” I always love meeting Lucy-types. She’s done lots of other long distance tours and has plans for future escapes and is working on a book.

Saturday night we headed back to the mesa for camping. I was feeling a little under the weather, so in the morning, when Brendan met up with a bunch of guys for a ride, I decided to go for a hike instead. I figured it’s good practice for when the baby comes and I’m wearing him around in a sling or backpack. I was also able to get lots of great pics that we normally wisk by when riding.








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  1. Paulo says:

    Super pictures. Looks like a great time was had.


  2. Ali says:

    Wow.. guess I was a little wrapped up with work… congratulations on the little-big bean in your belly!!!!


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