Back into Bike Mode!

This past week has been a lot of fun with a little bike riding and outdoor adventures. We’re headed off today to Interbike and for some more shreddin’ either at Smith Mesa or Gooseberry.

Saturday, we had a visit from Matteo – long time bud from Tucson – who was out here for WFR training. He’s now headed to the Grand Canyon as a backcountry guide, but we were able to get in some car camping up on Thomas Mountain while he was here. We found some sights that we didn’t even know existed at the top where you can see over both sides of the ridge from one site – very beautiful!


We also went by the Hurkey Creek 24 hour race to see how people were doing. Wendy and Timari were having a fun close race while the guys threw in major laps. Wendy also brought me a super cute little fleece vest for little so-and-so. She’s gonna be another local badass grandma for the little tyke.


We’re packing up for Interbike and I’ve made some small changes to the fifty-five. I’ve been running the Raven (superlight, fast Stan’s tire) on the back with a 1.9 Karma on the front. As my center of gravity shifts (and  I worry more about the consequences of wrecking) I’ve decided to beef it up a little. I don’t want to go to huge tires as I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to get used to race tires again. So, I’ve put a 2.2 Karma on the front and 2.0 on the rear. I’m excited for the extra shreddability and am thinking a little more weight is only a drop in the bucket for these next few months.


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