We’re growing!

The last few weeks have been fun and exciting. I’ve been learning a lot about this pregnancy game and there are many different ways it can be played! Fortunately, I’m in the second trimester, so I have more energy for this stuff.

I’ve read so much about cesarean rates, different types of intervention (pain relief, inducing, etc.) and different birthing positions and never realized there could be so much to consider about that special day.

We have visited two hospitals – they give tours, which is really cool. You get to see a few newborns and ask lots of questions and they usually have cookies on hand (which Brendan likes!) We have also visited two traditional medical offices (they do intake appointments which is an opportunity to interview them), a midwife birthing center, and talked extensively with a local midwife and doula. We’ve watched many videos of births (they’re not like the ones you see on TV by the way.) We will be starting hypno-birthing classes with the local midwife soon. It’s a self-hypnosis method that you and your partner use to help relax and aid in a natural childbirth (She said she’s even used it in the dentist’s chair.)
The tiny pamper and beanie they gave us at our recent hospital tour

I also had another checkup last week and learned more about the little tyke. Everything is normal and going well and the doctor who I visited said that the baby is right where it should be for this stage. We heard it’s heartbeat again at 147 beats per minute. I think the little one is having an fun ride/swim.

I started feeling movement last week, which is very exciting. The first time, I thought that my jacket seam was just rubbing me funny and that couldn’t have been baby movement. Then, when I felt it again, I recognized it. It’s such a light feeling (like a butterfly tickling you from the inside.) It comes and goes. I find that for a while after I’ve been active (running around a lot or going for a good ride) the baby is active too. I’ve also really started to show, which makes me feel better than the initial stage where I was just a little thicker! Now people understand right away why I’m growing.

At this stage, the baby can hear. It’s really crazy to think that for the next few months, it will hear EVERYTHING I say and will become very familiar with my voice. I find myself singing more, because I think that has to encourage the production of a peaceful happy baby. Brendan has also taken to telling my stomach good morning and goodnight. He’s been so involved and excited and wants to make sure the baby knows his voice too.

We’ve also received some gifts that raise the discussion of birth weights and size. Brendan thinks the clothes are small, but after the birthing videos that I’ve watched they don’t look that small.

Craig gave us this little shirt and it looks like the cow got hung up on the moon! 🙂

Brendan’s aunt MaryLou gave us this outfit complete with socks, a beanie, and a bib with a cute little lion.


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  1. Misty says:

    That’s awesome Mary! Congrats to both of you……I’m a bit late but I’ve been in isolation for 3 months! 🙂 Are you going to find out the sex?

    The clothes definitely aren’t too small. My daughter was 7 lbs 7 oz and she was swimming in her newborn clothes.

    How exciting…again congrats to both of you!


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