Little (BIG) Change

Many of you have probably noticed that my blogging has been lighter than usual for the past few months. Well… I’ve been spending some time and energy with this little guy.


It’s the sweet pea, there between the cross hatches. This ultrasound was done a couple of months ago when the little guy was just over 6 weeks old. Now that I’m past the first trimester, I am a little more comfortable sharing all of this, plus it’s becoming obvious!


Brendan and I are elated at this big change in our lives. I think every day of something I’d like him to make in the shop. It’ll be a little while before the Siren push-bike, but a musical mobile made at the Siren shop will surely be beautiful 🙂


My biking hasn’t needed to change much. During the first trimester, they say that you should keep your core temperature and heart rate down so you don’t cook the little guy but other than that and of course you can’t wreck. I’ve definitely reeled it in on the technical stuff but I’ve still been able to do some overnights.  The baby has already covered a good number of trails in the area, to include climbing up San Gorgonio and exploring the Idyllwild area extensively.

In the last couple of weeks, the guys have been feeling more fit as I slow down a little. 😉 The tables are turning as my strength to weight ratio isn’t exactly what it used to be. Even though the guys are catching up, I still have a lot of fun shredding for two!

This will add a new dimension to my blog and a new chapter to my life. Last year’s story was about the Tour Divide; this year will be about training and exploring with a Baby on Board. I will continue to share pics of the beautiful places that we explore, but also share insights into this new realm.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. grannygear says:

    Wow. What a blessing! Congrats!



  2. Eric Hagerty says:

    Wow Mary….that is such beautiful news…….keep in touch you 3 ;^)


  3. Bonnie says:

    We all better watch out… between Finn, Kate and this little one … the push bike version of Team Siren might outgrow the bike guys 🙂


    1. marymetcalf says:

      We’re gonna raise quite a push-bike team!


      1. Chris says:

        Tee-hee … I bet if it’s a girl, Finn will have fun being the BMOC … but if it’s a boy, I see Kate taking charge!


  4. Ben says:

    Congratulations! That little guy/girl(?) will be wanting knobby tires on his first tricycle.


  5. Maria Rose says:

    Holy COW! Congratulations. When are you due????? Let’s email on this!


  6. Guitar Ted says:

    Congratulations Mary and Brendan.


  7. Terri Wahlberg says:

    I am so happy for you both!!!!! This is awesome. I am surprised I do not see a Siren bike on the ultrasound (Ha, Ha). I can’t wait to hear more about baby Siren.


    1. Loren and Maggie says:

      Radical Dudette! Congrats. Wow, super adventures forthcoming…the Tour Divide was nothing but a warmup. Ride long and prosper.


  8. Mitch W says:

    congratulations guys, how awesome!

    Thatas a lucky little kidoo right there!


  9. Super Stoked for you 2! and was cool to be one of the first to know…


  10. jruss says:

    I never knew what I was ever going to do with a youngster, and now I just don’t know how I would ever live without her. Nice work and congratulations.


  11. Yuri says:

    Awesome! The world needs more cycling parents. Congrats!


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