Black Mountain Trail

A little tune-age while you read.

What a great weekend – and right out our back door. Idyllwild and the mountains here never cease to amaze and impress.

This past weekend, Brendan and I headed out to Black Mountain with Dave, Yumi and the kids for a fun weekend and some good exploration. It’s a little warm down here at 5500′ so camping at 8000′ under the stars felt pretty crisp. We even got a little rain.


When we got there Saturday afternoon, the kids already had horse shoes warmed up for us. We had some Sonoran-Style hot dogs, which Dave already had cookin’, then played a few rounds of horseshoes.


Sunday morning we hit the Black Mountain trail – our highest Mountain Bike Trail in these mountains, really. I can’t believe we hadn’t explored this yet. Dave scoped it out the weekend before and informed us that it was kind of like a bobsled chute with a number of waterbars and some soft stuff. It’s a pretty steep techy trail so descending was the way to ride it!


The views were beautiful the entire ride and when it wasn’t expansive, it was lush.


At the bottom of the Black Mountain trail, we headed up towards Pine Cove, exploring along the way. We rode the highway up to the Lawler Alpine Lodge, where we spent a little time.


After exploring around the Lodge (which was actually about 20 cabins connected with singletrack) we headed up the highway to Pine Cove hitting the old highway for a brief spell.


Weekends like that are what keep me going through the week. Thanks guys for a fun weekend!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria Rose says:

    Wow, that is really beautiful.
    PS Your glasses are cool.


  2. pedalonelong says:

    It was good summer fun.


  3. Ali says:

    Love the tractor/truck & the sweet Swiss couple!! Sounds like a well rounded adventure. 🙂


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