Exciting Things Underway…

What an exciting weekend so far. My old teammate, Todd and the other Siren/WBR guys went to the 24 hours of Big Bear in West Virginia. Unfortunately, Todd and Chris both wrecked out late in the day yesterday, but were holding awesome in 5th and 6th at the time. Brad, however, pulled through with 3rd place – Congratulations Brad!

The other excitement this weekend was the beginning of Tour Divide. This will be a fun one to watch and is especially fun for me since I know a lot of what they are facing. Matthew Lee joined the racers and is tearing it up out there.

Also, my bud Cannon is doing superb out there. He’s riding a Siren and a good friend of mine and Brendan’s. There arejust so many people this year including many women and a tandem. Cricket (super cool lady from North Carolina) is currently in the lead for the women. It’s bound to be entertaining! Stay tuned and watch the leaderboard and listen to Joe Polk’s mtbcasts.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Brendan says:

    Go Brad!
    Go Chris!
    Go Todd!
    Go Cannon!
    Go Cricket!


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