The Californian

I decided this weekend, that I’m a Californian. Yep, just like that. I embraced it (not sure if you’re allowed to declare it yourself, but I have.) Before I moved to CA, I thought I hated it – so many people, not that much water etc. I realized this weekend, why so many people live here. It’s absolutely beautiful and full of beautiful people! I actually love it here and am here to stay – for a while! Besides the ghia looks sooo cute with California plates 🙂

I drove off the hill Saturday morning at 530 to make it to San Diego in time for a road ride. My friend Gordon from B&L bikes hooked me up with some other guys who were doing a morning ride. I had to dust off my roadbike for this one as I haven’t had it outside since last Spring, but it was good to remember how light and fast she is. Dave and Steve drug me on a long loop around SD, ending on Camp Pendleton and getting in almost a hundred miles (they got in 100, but I cut out a little early to check out the beach and take a slow cruise back to my car.) The beach was beautiful and the Ocean BIG. As always, there were sooo many people out being fit and riding the coast (or at least trying) or surfing/running or whatever – IN FEBRUARY!


Worst-case-scenario bikerack – ouch!

img_0243After my ride, I walked around Solana Beach checking out the shops and enjoying an afternoon coffee (I’m trying not to do afternoon coffee, but it made the walk around sooo nice.) I then headed back over to my basecamp for the day – B&L and helped them bring in bikes and close up shop.

Gordon and I then met with some friends in Cardiff (where Gordon lives) to go out for dinner. It was a good night with a bunch of cyclists and lots of trash talking and planning for sunday. (Tour of California)

I stayed the night at Mark and Megan’s place. Mark – a former pro roadie and Megan were great hosts. They have a condo that they rescued after a flood and refabbed it – with much obvious work – and a cat that was terrified of me!  We all had breakfast at the M’s Casa before loading up to go catch the start of the final stage of the Tour of California. Mark and Gordon and their friend Karen are all industry gurus and we spent most of the start working our way from one schmoozy meeting to the next. It was good to see them all in their element workin’ it.

The start wasn’t that exciting, but being around that many RVs and team cars all loaded up was fun to see. We also scored some VIP passes for the finish.

We spent the day chasing the peloton to a couple different viewing places – in the way that my dog chases squirrels then gets outsmarted when they run up a tree. Finally we settled on going to the finish line to wait around for the end. Since we had a bit of time, we stopped into a gallery in Escondido where there were a couple local artists making bike sketches and recycled purses on-site! I couldn’t resist and scored this cute number handmade by Renee Richetts.

img_02581She sewed it while I went out to peruse the Bike Expo going on. Again, another schmoozefest for Karen, Mark and  Megan, and Gordon. It was fun tagging along with these rock-stars! It was weird to be at such a big event and not see anyone that I knew since  they were all roadies. We then made our  way over to the VIP tents where Gordon’s whole purpose was to laugh at his friends on the outside and tell them that there were girls dancing on the tables inside the tent (there weren’t sorry!) It was funny to be watching the stage on big TVs even though it was happening just up the road on a nice day. This allowed people to consume and hang out for the finish 🙂



img_0257I had a great view of the finish and caught Frank Schleck coming through and got a couple shots of Levi also. What a fun day! Then, I went back to pick up my cool recycled bag before heading back up the mountain.

Todd took care of the Dave Dog for me and when I got home it was to the child-like greeting that Dave always gives when you’ve been gone for a day.  I always feel so guilty, but he forgives. He’s not allowed to read my blog because I lie to him and tell him that it was hard work and he would have hated it 🙂 It’s good to be back home and the sun was out today!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    I think I’m a Californian too. I was just born on the wrong side of the country!!!


  2. Chris says:

    I know it drives Kim nuts when I tell people that I’m from there, but once you’re a Californian, you’re always a Californian. There’s just something about it!


  3. Gordon says:

    I’m glad you had a good time. I love giving tours. I’ll have to figure out how Dave can stay as well next time.


  4. Ian says:

    The speed and smoothness of a road bike is a nice change from riding a MTB, but I am always happy to get back on the trail, it’s just more fun. For me the road bike is more of a training tool than anything.

    My friend invited me to Palomar to watch the race but I was motorcycle camping in the desert, and then doing my own cycling, so I just put in on the Tivo and watched it sunday night. It looked like a madhouse on the mountain. It did make me want to ride that climb, though. and coming down east grade is really pretty. mesa grande is awesome too. all great roads for motorcycles or bicycles, pick your poison.

    There are things I like about California and things I don’t, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I won’t give up year round riding and the varied terrain – the beach, the mountains, and the desert all within two hours.


  5. ojulius says:

    I love CA. Some day, Matt & I may just become Californians. 🙂


  6. Tiffany says:

    All this Cali talk makes me miss being one! I was born and raised there so I think that means I get the I’m a californian life pass, right?

    🙂 Tiffany


  7. Vic says:

    Is that the same R800 you had in C’dale?


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