Thanks for the good vibes – headin to the Old Pueblo!

What a weekend… again. And, hopefully another great one coming. leavingmtn

This past weekend, Dave See and I cheated mother nature and headed out of the snow for a quick blast down Palm Canyon. It was snowing and disgusting when I was leaving town, so I was hopeful that it would be perfect half way down the mountain… and IT WAS! We kind of got misted on the entire ride. The trail condition was amazing and it was probably the cleanest run I’ve ever had on Palm Canyon – no mechanicals for either of us and I only got slightly off trail when zoning out. Which, was good because I then got to ride most of the Hahn trail and hike up out of some canyon 🙂


We made it down Palm in just under 4 hours, despite my small detour.

After getting home, I realized that the snow was really coming down. They had plowed my street at about 10am Sunday and I thought they’d do it again Monday. The county never came. I heard somewhere that we got about 30inches! I wasn’t able to make it into work Monday, so I spent the day shoveling. I think I removed about a foot of snow from my front steps… twice! And… watched my car disappear on the roadside out front.I then lost power at my place in the early afternoon. Once it got dark, I got too curious to sit in my house – plus, reading by headlamp wasn’t doing it for me. So, I took a late night hike into town to charge my phone at the coffee shop and survey the mountain.

Waking up yesterday… still no plows and a heavily buried ghia.


There’s a ghia under there. At least, it’s suuuper beautiful out.


I decided to trek into work yesterday as I’m leaving Thursday and Friday and needed to get some stuff done.


I put flowers on the roof rack so the snowplows could see it if we got anymore snow. It turned out looking like some sort of a burial. The trek in wasn’t bad. It reminded me of the divide… only I was grateful that I wasn’t pushing a bike loaded down with water and gear!


I found myself stepping in my tracks from my exploration Sunday night – just like the divide following behind guys who’s tracks I used. Looks like a neighbor ventured out as well.


Above is the highway through town. I had to walk into town yesterday to stop by the bank, before heading to work.

ADDENDUM: Thanks everyone for your good vibes – the world is lookin’ up. I got home and my road had been plowed and I was able to shovel a little then gas it and get the black duv out. Check out the big divet she left in the berm – complete with two tailpipe burns! Looks like I will be able to get out… now here’s hoping my wheels gets here that were shipped on the 2nd from NY!


See you all at the Old Pueblo! Much more adventure waiting there… I’m sure! 🙂

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  1. cat morrison says:

    Good luck this weekend Mary!!! I know you’ll rock it out, I’ll be “watching” and sending you good vibes too.


  2. Chris says:

    WOW. Shoveling is great prep for a 24. Good luck this weekend!


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