The Californian

I decided this weekend, that I’m a Californian. Yep, just like that. I embraced it (not sure if you’re allowed to declare it yourself, but I have.) Before I moved to CA, I thought I hated it – so many people, not that much water etc. I realized this weekend, why so many people live…

So Much Beauty in Dirt: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

24 HITOP – 3rd place, great time in the Desert: So much beauty in dirt.

Thanks for the good vibes – headin to the Old Pueblo!

What a weekend… again. And, hopefully another great one coming. This past weekend, Dave See and I cheated mother nature and headed out of the snow for a quick blast down Palm Canyon. It was snowing and disgusting when I was leaving town, so I was hopeful that it would be perfect half way down…

Henry Ford

“Those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both right.”