Another Weekend, more great rides


I rode with a good friend Ian Saturday and we shred some great trail near Pinyon. He took photos as I still don’t have my wingnut or small camera back from warranty (yeah, I break things), so I wasn’t able to carry the SLR.


It’s only a couple hour ride, but it’s a great fun factor ride. It’s one of those where you do work hard (decomposed granite always makes for more work) and drop and scale many big rocks but get some good speed and keep a permagrin as you’re always on the edge of totally losing it!


Ian was great company, as always, and the weather was perfect. Thanks for the great photos.


I’m not really a punkrocker, but I like feeling like one with this haircut!

Then, Sunday, I had a solo ride around Idyllwild and Hurkey Creek. I got in about twice as much as Saturday and am feeling right at home on the new bike. No photos from Sunday, but I’ll get my pack or camera back soon and will be back on that wagon. The nice thing, I’ve realized, about riding solo, is there’s no obligation to stick to a plan – which I don’t enjoy doing! Half way through the ride, you can change direction or add whatever you want – It was a great feeling to decide what I wanted to ride, as I was riding. Again, absolutely amazing weather and great trail conditions here on the mountain.

Today, looks more like winter again, socked in and a cold ride to work (which is funny since it takes all of five minutes to get here!)

Well, enjoy the week. I’ll spend mine, getting ready for Temecula next weekend. Should be a fun race. It’s been a long time since I just stayed on my bike for 12 hours, which is my goal – that, and to have a great time!


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  1. Maniac says:

    Awesome ride. Thanks for going. Now go kick some a** at Temecula this weekend.


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