New HOT Wheels… mmm hmmm!

’09 Sponsor Developments
Introducing the new steed:
Many of you have been waiting to see the fruits of my new bike sponsor search. I’m holding true to my convictions and staying on a handbuilt American bike with 29inch wheels.

My new ride… a beautiful, Intense Spider 29 FRO

I will have many more pics to come, but I drove down to the Intense Factory here in SoCal yesterday and picked up this beauty in the ghia. I finally got a roofrack so I don’t have to shove it in the back seat like a piece of luggage.

As times change, and people too, we catch a wave and this is gonna be a fun one. I’m very happy to have Intense right down the road and great people who care about what I do. I used to ride a Spider, and am excited and proud to be back on one of Jeff’s bikes again. I think Intense is proud to have me back as well.

With the addition of Intense to the lineup, I will still be supported by the following great people and products in 2009.

NoTubes Wheels
Kenda Tires
Giro Helmets

I choose these companies because I trust their goods and highly recommend them. Please give them love and tell them I sent you!

On the Horizon

The Season is taking off.
It’s Spring and time to get out there and make things happen. Below is my upcoming schedule. Check back to the blog often, as opportunities always open up and who knows what I may try this year!

1/24/09 – 12 Hrs of Temecula
2/14/09 – 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
4/18/09 – Julian Death March
5/23/09 – Coconino Dirty Century

New Contact Info

Let’s not fall through the cracks with all of these changes.
Please update your address books so we can stay in touch. Since I am no longer with Siren, this will be my last correspondence from that email address. Below is my new email address and blog – stay in touch!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Chad says:

    Nice new ride!


  2. allison says:

    Congrats on the new bike! Going back to “little” wheels? I am also for next year.


  3. allison says:

    My bad, I didn’t read it all! 29er is still all good 😉


  4. Luke says:

    cool bike!! the ghia / spider combo looks pretty sweet! i’ve heard many great things about intense through jason and robert!
    fun fact for ya…jeff steber and my uncle jeff were in butt rock band together back in the day =) see ya the 12 hour and cococino!


  5. Ali says:

    What Luke said.. that ghia/spider is hot. Well done Mary! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures with both!


  6. Danielle says:

    Intense makes awesome bikes!!! Congrats on your new sponsorship!


  7. Jordan says:

    The bike and the ghia are beautiful!


  8. Brendan says:

    Way to keep it real on the honest-made bike. Another advantage you get there (not with a cookie cutter bike) is the opportunity to ride and give feedback on prototypes, like the one in your photo.


  9. Editweapon says:

    Thumbs up on the punk rock hair!

    And no longer with Siren?? Uhh…I obviously need to go back and read the archives.


  10. sascha says:

    nice FRO! when do us regulars get to ride ’em? I like the spyder29 but not too happy ’bout the weight increase over my current 26er.


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