Wonderful people all around, especially Orange County.

Wow! Another truly inspiring weekend.

I spent the weekend in Orange County riding and hanging with many good people. But, before I headed off the hill, I got a new camera from my good friend Scott. He got a newer one and gave me his hand me down. It arrived just in time. Thanks Scott.

I loaded up the black duv, once again, with Dave, my bike and everything I needed for a weekend of riding. There’s still a little snow on the trails here, plus it was about 80 degrees down there, which was all my justification. I stopped in at The Path to catch up with Brian and Tani a little and remembered how that place is always bustling. It’s always a great shop to visit as there’s so much eye candy… just be careful because if you have any impulsive buying tendency, what you want, will be there.

Then, I headed over to CarolAnn’s to hang out for a chill Friday night. We met up with #002 and, as always, had thought provoking – yet not too deep – conversation and a little wine. Dave, got to hang out with his girlfriend, Mackenzie, for a while.


He’s a bit intimidated by her size, which keeps him honest, but they truly love each other.

Saturday morning, CarolAnn and I hit Santiago Truck trail, then blasted down the luge. Bang-for-your-buck! Wow, that was truly exciting. I was happy to be on my superlight hardtail for the climb, but looking forward to my coming – not yet disclosed – new bike 🙂 on the luge. Fortunately, CarolAnn almost dropped her sunglasses, so I got a little distance on her and was able to get a great pick of her railing a switchback at the bottom of the luge.


I didn’t take the new camera on rides as it’s NEW and also an SLR, so I’ve still gotta get protection to take it out there – this is from the phone camera.

After our ride, we headed over to #002’s place to hang out as he was getting ready to leave the country. I set him up with my SPOT unit, just for fun in Zurich, so I’m excited to hear how the two of them liked it. He wants to get one, so it’s a good trial. I don’t know how it will work there.

After meeting up with Brian for dinner at Felix’s, Saturday night was another peaceful one at CarolAnn and Mackenzie’s place. Dave doesn’t let the mack dog get too close at night, but they were cute on the floor together.

This morning, Brian picked me up at CarolAnn’s and we headed out to Trabuco Canyon for a good little ride (can’t yet get to bikes in the ghia.) We parked at the bottom of the wash and it went by pretty quickly since we were fresh and talking the whole time. Then we headed up Holy Jim, which was an amazing gradual climb with scenic views. It was about a 5 mile climb with about 2,500 feet of elevation gain. It was a great spin and just steep enough to make you a little uncomfortable, at times.


You can see the trail on the opposite wall.


Brian – there’s nothing wrong with your bike – just ride it!

Finally, towards the top, just before the hike-a-bike there’s a short section of downhill, where I stupidly almost ran some guy over. I was so excited to sit back and let it go for a minute – sorry dude! He was cool about me skidding to a stop in front of him, probably amused by it.

Then we took the Main Divide over to Trabuco. Brian said that lots of people hate riding on the divide since it’s fireroad and not singletrack. I loved it! It reminded me of the Continental Divide and roads that just get you somewhere. It was crazy and rocky and super fast at times then almost worthy of the granny gear other times. The entire time though, very scenic views.

At the top of Trabuco, we ran into some of Brian’s friends and decided to shred it with them. Trabuco was very exciting, to say the least. I found myself riding some big crazy rocks, stepups and drops that, if I had time to look at them before doing so, probably wouldn’t have. It was one of those downhills where you have to stop every now and then, just to de-escalate the out-of-control-ness of it all. Rock gardens, stream crossing, loose shale, some decent exposure and just WOW! EXCITEMENT! I was really happy to have a 29er front wheel and glad as hell that I took my race wheels off for this trip. After last weekends debacle in the mud, I felt that I shouldn’t ride the superlight wheels and today, was glad I hadn’t.

After getting to the bottom of Trabuco intact, we took the wash back out to Brian’s car. The fun kept rolling. It was big ring all the way out the wash, too. Passing cars, hikers, and dirtbikes and swerving all over to avoid huge mudpuddles, and dips caused by all the moisture and traffic going up and down the wash. Nothing but smiles at the bottom!

Then we headed over to the Tustin Brewery to finish off the day right (keep in mind it was only 130 and we had already done so much!)


Not a good pic, but a super cool place. There was a game going on so it was insane. We actually ate outside, so we could hear ourselves think.

After great company at the Brewery, Brian took me back to pick up the Dave dog and the black duv. I crammed everything back in the ghia and headed up the hill. What a great weekend and it was great meeting all of Brian’s friends and hanging out with CA and #002 again. Thanks, everyone for great times! And, thanks California and the mighty gods of the mountains, for exquisite trails.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maniac says:

    Glad to see you out there living the good life. You’ll have to show me those trails. They sound awesome.


  2. Katie says:

    Looks like you had fun! Say hi to Davey for me.
    Lots of love,
    P.S. Your new bike looks awesome on the ghia!!


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