Putting the pieces together

What a wonderful weekend! I drove down to Orange County in the Ghia with Dave. I’ve really gotta get a roofrack. I dropped Dave off at CarolAnn’s to play with Mackenzie and went out for a little spin at Anaheim Hills (Santiago Oakes, I think.) It was a beautiful trail and a little cloudy, but it was good to get out of the snow.


I took a long descent down barnham and wasn’t sure where to go at the bottom. I wandered around and somehow ended up at the zoo! After riding circles around the zoo, I headed over to some trailhead in Santiago Oakes at the bottom of another ridge.


The sky closed in and before I knew it, it was raining. At least there were other people out there walking and riding, so I didn’t feel like the only one surprised by the weather change. I sat on my bike under a trailhead sign for about a half hour while the rain passed. Then, with all the clay and my superlight bike, I headed up the ridge. I made it about halfway up and my bike gained about 20 lbs of mud. It was starting to get sticky and slick and I had to get off and push. I had some serious divide flashbacks pushing this beast uphill.


I crested the ridge and could see the grade school, near Brett’s house (where I parked) and was able to ski down in a bit of mud to his place. Brett and CarolAnn weren’t home yet, so I was able to use the time to give carbonita a bath outside his place. It wasn’t that much riding, but felt pretty damn good. I felt like I’d conquered another Mary mishap!

This morning, CarolAnn and I headed over to Brett’s place, had breakfast and we all loaded up in his truck. We were off to the SanJuan Trail. They were bound to show me some GOOD riding! I’m not sure the place where we parked, but we started out with about an hour and fifteen minute climb. It was a beautiful gradual climb with some fun tech here and there. Scenic views and great weather.


What an amazing climb – grade, trail quality, PEOPLE!


The view at the top was good, and so was all the company.


Then the descent began. It was 45 minutes of flow, tech, and bunnyhopping hikers and other riders. Talk about permagrin! This ride truly made me remember that life is DAMN Good! Afterwards, tacos and great drive home in the ghia. Weekend well spent.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave says:

    San Juan ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Gyan says:

    Hey Mary: Glad to see you’re out having a blast! Come on down to San Diego for some riding and maybe I can interest you in going skydiving!


  3. #002 says:

    San Juan + Viejo Tie + Chiquito + Old San Juan + San Juan = another time! Holy Jim + Main Divide + Blue Jay +/- San Juan + Main Divide + Trabuco = a good day lies ahead. -Best, #002


  4. wunnspeed says:

    Amazing how many people are up there. Sounds like a great ride!


  5. longman says:

    Hi Mary, I put a good word in for you with the boss about the roofrack, fingers crossed. love the new car and the new blog! Paul from RM


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