Killer winter rides, slow time on the blog.

Looks like right now is a slow time on many blogs. Don’t be fooled, it’s a good time for ridin’. I’ve been a bit relaxed in the blog, but… not on the bike!

The last couple weekends have been great epic rides. Gyan came up from San Diego (and a few friends from Orange County) a couple weekends ago and we shuttled Palm Canyon. Just because it’s a shuttle, doesn’t mean it’s easy, as it was surely an all day great ride with lots of work. Gyan has a great writeup with lots of photos.

Then last weekend, we went out and rode with a few locals for another beautiful epic. About 5 hours of singletrack with lots of fog.

Now… snow! It hit, about a foot deep last night. Surprisingly, the karmann ghia did amazing (I know, I shouldn’t be amazed.) It’s rear wheel drive, but with the engine right on top of the wheels, it just plows through. I saw a lot of jacked-up-california trucks spinning out as I cruised right by. I bought chains for her, but haven’t had to put them on yet.

I’ve got a few days of work, then next weekend should be good as I’m driving to NM to see family for Christmas. I can’t wait. I’m bring Carbonita and planning to get in some good weather rides (I’ll bring a camera – our point and shoot broke again!) I’ve just gotta bear through this week, but it’s passing quickly.

I hope everyone is getting in some good riding and if not… do it!

Adios and have a good holiday.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Que es Carbonita?


  2. Matt says:

    Check out Fort Stanton and the Dona Anas if you get some time…..


  3. ojulius says:

    The weather has been treating us right so far in NM!


  4. Mary Collier says:

    Carbonita is my hot little hard-tail Siren with a carbon fiber rear. Yeah, it’s beautiful here.


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