Tagged again

Okay, Jeni tagged me again and I’ve been thinking about this one. I’ll do my part by sharing some stuff about myself, but I’ve run out of people to tag.

The Rules: List 6 random things about yourself that most people do not know, then tag 6 more people and post their links.

1. I started riding my honda cb50 when I was 7. My bicycle pretty much went out the window then!

2. In High School, I moved across the country and signed myself into a school in Washington State – and totally got away with it.
3. On the divide, I took a nap in a ditch for a couple hours, once the film crew left me for the day.
4. When I was 12, I got “lost” in the mountains and spent the night out on the trail to walk out in the morning to helicopters and search and rescue calling my name.
5. I was a photojournalist for a little while and got to fly in an aerobatic airplane pulling 3Gs (loop) while photographing which made the mirror in my camera stick – and I didn’t puke!
6. I’ve almost perfected a handstand.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. ojulius says:

    You actually had a rescue crew come looking for you?!? See, I’m glad I tagged you. I’m always learning new and interesting things. 🙂

    Oh, and sleeping in a ditch? Classic.


  2. jay says:

    My dad still has a Honda CB77, which looks pretty much the same as the CB50…. ok only sort of the same, but similar anyway. I hope to fix it up one day. 😀


  3. Maria Rose says:

    You were the coolest girl in high school with your motorcycle!


  4. Cellarrat says:

    dont think your the only one who sleeps in Ditches and outhouses! 😉


  5. Mary Collier says:

    d’oh! I didn’t even mention all the outhouses I slept in. They’re bear proof right? I miss the carefree days of riding my motorcycle with my dog in my lap and just runnin off on a trail when I ended up on the wrong road.


  6. StageWest says:

    Did you or your dad ever race the Tarantula 100 in Alamogordo? May have been a bit before your time, but good memories from my throttle twisting days!



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