Weekend hike… aiye Caramba!

Friday night Brendan and I headed out for a small overnight hike and it was pretty awesome.It was a different thing, physically, to do a 15 mile hike (it’s been a long time for me) instead of a ride. Today, I’m a bit sore, but the views were worth it.

Fungus along the trail.

We started out after work Friday and rushed up Devil’s Slide trail from Idyllwild. We turned left at the saddle junction towards skunk cabbage meadow and cruised on out past Willow Creek. We set up bivvys, enjoyed pasta on a cool rock under the stars and crashed out pretty good. Camping at 8,000 feet, we both agreed, gives you vivid dreams. Brendan dreamed of running (he’s getting into it) and I dreamed that a Mountain Lion was attacking me (which kept me awake a bit of the night!)

Brendan warming up in the morning!

Camp was a bit cold for our 40degree bags. Brendan’s Bivvy isn’t long enough to cover his head, so I think he lost a lot of heat out the top. My sleeping pad is a 3/4 length, so my legs got a little chilly. Overall, it wasn’t bad though. We had a huge moon, which eventually went down and was replaced with a sky full of stars. It felt a world away from civilization (we didn’t see a single person on our way out) even though it was only a few miles.

Ready to hike!

Yesterday morning we woke up, enjoyed some pre-mixed espresso with milk and a little sugar, ate some leftover pancakes we took with us and headed out for the overlook. The overlook was about 8 total miles from town. Caramba overlook is pretty cool, but the cooler part to me was the waterfalls and pools in the middle of what you think is a desert.

Approaching the falls – impassable, no, but worth hiking down.

The Caramba Overlook

I only stuck my feet in the water as it’s pretty cold, but Brendan jumped in. It was nice just hanging out on the rocks and relaxing.

The pools were little oases.

That felt good on the feet after all the hiking.

Then, in early afternoon, after enjoying pizza by the pool (another tasty leftover that Brendan packed along) we headed back home. It was crazy getting close to Idyllwild because traffic on a Saturday afternoon is pretty hectic on Devil’s slide. There were groups of kids in flipflops (I know this will make me sound old – they were college kids) no shirts, no water and trashtalking the hikers with trekking poles about how they didn’t see any snow around here. Ahhh… coming back to civilization, it’s great. Then when we walked through the parking lot, there had to be 60 cars; I’ve never seen it so full.

Slimy stuff out of a stream on the way back.

Cool Cedar on the way back, there were some huge trees up there.

Bridge over Willow Creek (where the slimy stuff came from)

It was good to get home, but sad to leave our little oasis we’d found. It was also nice that we still had a day and half left to shred!

Brendan overlooking Suicide Rock on the way back down Devil’s Slide Trail.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sirenbicycles says:

    Thanks for the excellent weekend and cross training.

    My high point was discovering the pools!


  2. Chris says:

    There’s got to be some solution with his head hanging out and your feet?


  3. Matt says:

    Awesome! How close is this to San Jacinto Mtn? It looks similar to what I hiked on several years ago.


  4. Bandit says:

    Aren’t we lucky…these weekends are in our backyard.


  5. ojulius says:

    Oh wow, what great photos. Looks like you 2 had a great time together! Hiking definitely uses different muscles in the legs than biking.


  6. Cat Morrison says:

    Nice pics Mary, very pretty. I laughed reading about your dreams ’cause a couple weekends ago on a tour to Crested Butte I had crazy dreams sleeping on the Crystal. I dreamnt that bears were attacking me. I also have a lot of mountain lion dreams.


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