Photos of the day – 8/28/08

Here are a few pics to take you into the weekend – enjoy. Also, check out my new quote of the day every now and then.
I don’t have a pic of myself going down Fleecer Ridge, but these guys rocked it.

Did I mention that Big Wheels rocked on TD!

Getting to Idaho was good – I was sooo done with Montana and Idaho was beautiful.


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  1. Maniac says:

    Cool. That is a BMW 1200GS in the first picture, it weighs about 500 lbs with no gear and no gas. Riding these ungainly tanks is all about balance. But it’s fun! Pics always make grades look less than they are in real life – so I’d say that’s a fairly steep hill.

    I’ve got the Divide fever (thanks to you) and I can’t shake it. Question now is just what vehicle to take… what engine to use…



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