Way to go Todd, Danielle and Sarah.

So, below you’ll find the final call-in for 24 hour nationals; it was a great race. Todd held strong and consistent all night and there was some good competition out there. He ended up in 7th place with our friend Brad Majors in 6th and Chris Strout in 12th.

Men’s finish:
Eatough – 20
Josh Tostado – 20
Nat Ross – 19
Ernesto Marenchin – 19
Scott Cole – 19
Mark Hendershot – 18
Brad Majors – 18
Todd Carpenter – 18

I can’t wait to hear his report, but sounds like he broke a chain and had a valve stem issue; other than that he pretty much rode the Song for the entire race. I can’t wait to hear how his first big race on the new bike was.

In the women’s field there seemed to be a good race going on as well. I wish I could have been there, but am glad I wasn’t getting dragged through this!

Pua – 18
Danielle Musto- 16
Sarah Kaufmann – 16
Terri Wahlberg – 15
Stacey La Presta – 14
Sally Marchand Collins – 14
Liz Baumgardt-Kays – 13
Namrita O-Dea – 11

Way to go everyone out there. It was good to be a spectator for this one. Now check out Todd’s call-in below and then go sleep!


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