Pic of the Day for Monday July 8th

This was Mike Dion pulling into Elkford on Day 1. I had originally planned only to go 70 miles on day one, but when we got 60 miles in and it was only 5pm we decided to do the 110 to Elkford. The days were so long, that it was hard to stop early up North.

I would compare this descent into Elkford with a day of roadtripping where you end up driving way too late to get to that “perfect” campsite. It felt like the end of the day where you and the other person in the car start speaking in short sentences and are both cranky from not drinking enough or eating enough because you just want to get to your destination and you’re tired from a day on the road. We both got a little grumpy and there were long periods of silence as it was just a long day. We were glad the next day that we had pushed on through to Elkford instead of stopping at the 70mile cabin though.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Brendan says:

    Tired, cranky & long periods of silence? Sorry, I just cannot relate.


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