Good weekend / Pic of the Day

It’s been a great weekend with lots of hangout time and the riding is getting better. I got out Friday for an afterwork ride and it was the best yet since finishing Tour Divide. I’m reaching a point where I experience spurts of “oooh… I feel strong on my bike again.” I still get tired on a long climb, but am starting to feel MUCH better. I don’t think I’ll go riding with the guys just yet, but when I’m ready, I think it’s going to be good.

Brendan and I also changed the oil in the Karmann Ghia and washed her. He’s had lots of real rides this weekend, but we’ve also had lots of chill time. I had to work Saturday, but it’s just nice to be back in the home/work routine.

I’m sure I’ll have more adventures soon enough to post up, but until then I’m working on my daily writeups from TD, which I will provide links to (they will be a section on our siren site) and I will have a pic of the day here with a little something. I don’t know if I can do a pic every day, but want to start sharing and talking about some pics from the TD.

The photo above is from the drive up. Matt, Brendan and I drove together from Tucson. I had began the no-hairbrushing-phase of my journey a week in advance just to make sure it would work o.k. 🙂 This was a quick stop at the Glen Canyon Dam on the way up.


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  1. ojulius says:

    Did Brendan have this pic on his blog too? I love this picture of the 3 of you. So cool, so hip, so ready to conquer the world!


  2. Cat Morrison says:

    Hi Mary! We haven’t met but I followed a bit of your adventure and we know mutual folks (LW for one). I’ve wanted to write a congrats but was waiting for you to weed through probably an overwhelming amount of emails, etc.. So congratulations to you on an extraordinary journey. You are an inspiration I’m sure to many women and to me personally. Thanks for getting her done girl!!


  3. sirenbicycles says:

    Yes, I did have that on my blog. Sorry Mary, I think I put it up while you were out there… cool shot though!

    Jeni, your comment makes me giggle. 😉


  4. Mary Collier says:

    Thanks Brendan. I guess I better get on the new pic of the day since that one’s already used up. 🙂

    Jeni – I think I’m too tired to conquer the world. Are we building a coalition for that though…it will be by bike right?

    Nice to meet you Cat. I hear you’re quite the hammer. Sounds like we might meet in person soon?


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