The aftershocks

I’m home in California and starting to feel them.People talk about post-race depression; like what happens after any big event in your life (good or bad.) Well, I think that depression started when I tried to ride a bike again and realized just how tired and beat down my body is. I tried to go for a ride in Tucson, but only made it a half mile down the trail before realizing that it was a bad idea and should turn around before I got to a point where I was putting my thumb out. That was only a couple days after, so I was o.k. with it.
Now, it’s been a week, but my energy level isn’t quite there. It could have something do to with the fact that everynight (until last night) I’d dream that I was still racing – driven to push on to the border – and would wake up with charlie horses in my calves because they were tensing up to finish it off. (Pretty cool to dream of nothing but ride…ride…ride though.) This morning was the first time that I was able to pop out of bed feeling like I’d just slept a full night.
Finally, I was able to get back on my bike today feeling well rested. I hopped back on my flyweight hard tail – probably the quickest handling bike we’ve ever made – and headed out the door to “go fast!” For some reason, it didn’t exactly work that way. I started up the hill (normally a middle ring climb) and found myself crawling up in my granny and having to stop every quarter mile to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe this, then I got on some tasty, post-rain, decomposed granite singletrack. I couldn’t point that racey bike straight, never mind the rocks, twists, and climbs that I had to deal with. I felt like such a novice – you don’t put someone like me on a racebike on decomposed granite. I’ve got to relearn this stuff!
Besides my riding issues and fatigue, there have been a few other shockers being back at home. My riding clothes that I took with me… well, I tried to bleach the heck out of the white jerseys – forget it. They’re forever brown and only in certain areas – like around the collar. There’s also a garlicky/insect repellant/pastry smell to them. Mmmmm! Also, I had to cut the elastic on the bottom of my capris to facilitate the swelling, so they’re pretty much wasted. Looks like it’s time to retire at least a couple sets of cycling clothes.
Being home – I love it here, but there’s lots of catching up to do. I’ve been off on my adventure, while Brendan has been at home stressing about it. He’s been fielding phone calls, doing writeups, overnighting me things, and just in general pulling his hair out. This took a lot of his time from Siren, and forget about any personal time for himself.

Now… I’m trying to help him organize the biz as well as get in some “couple” hangout time. We had dinner at a park last night, then binged on Dairy Queen together. That was something we are on the same page with right now (unlike our bike ride where I’m sure he was tired of waiting for me.) Brendan was amazingly supportive during the race, but that didn’t leave much time for taking care of plants or the house. 😉 So, there’s catch up for me on all that, while he catches up with Siren. I swear that one of these days we will be able to slow it all down and relax – right?
Work – I’m super lucky to have such an amazing and supportive office here at Idyllwild Arts. I do have lots of work piled up and many emails waiting to be answered, but my office is pretty understanding. I’m the webmaster/social media guru and there is so much to be updated to catch up for the last month, but a lot of people in my office have taken up some slack for me and that’s been wonderful. But… now I’ve got to dig deep and push through this mountain!
I feel so fortunate to have been able to do the race. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without an understanding husband and office. Now, I’ve got to pay the price. I’m pretty tired, while my expectations are higher as I have dues to pay! A couple things I picked up on the trail though – there’s no such thing as “all downhill” and I really can climb a couple mountains in one day – so this is nothing! I just have to take it one bite at a time – Pac Man style.

I’ve started to compile my stories from the trail and will be putting up a big writeup soon. I’ll also be making a printed out book of photos and stories, but there’s a lot to sort through. For now, go ahead and browse through the picasa album from the race and if you’re in touch with anyone else in the album and want to pass them along – feel free. There are lots of stories to go with the photos and I’m working on captions, but for now enjoy.



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  1. sirenbicycles says:

    It must be quite an adjustment for you diet too. You mentioned “hostess” and “Do-nette” and “Sno-balls” several times yesterday… even once while you were eating a banana split! 😉

    carb up!


  2. LES says:

    Great pics Mary. Thank you so much for stopping and taking them. It was nice to see the some of the places you talked about during the ride.
    Thanks again,


  3. Brett says:

    Wow! I feel like eating ice cream (soy) and beer after watching your slideshow. The Johnny Cash in the background feels strangely appropriate.

    Where the road is dark and the seed is sow
    Where the gun is cocked as the bullet’s cold
    Where the miles are marked
    And the blood and the gold
    I will meet you further on up the road

    Got on my dead man’s suit
    And my smiling skull ring
    My lucky graveyard boots
    And a song to sing
    I got a song to sing
    It keeps me out of the cold
    And I will meet you further on up the road…

    Where the way is dark and the night is cold
    One sunny morning we’ll rise I know
    And I will meet you further on up the road…

    Now I have been out in the desert
    Just doing my time
    Searching through the dust
    Looking for a sign
    If there is light up ahead
    Well brother I don’t know
    But I got this fever burning in my soul…

    Further on up the road…
    On sunny morning we’ll rise I know
    And I will meet you further on up the road…

    “Further On Up The Road”


  4. mimbres man says:

    I enjoyed following your (and all the other TD riders) blue dot from South America. I am also a lost New Mexican. Got a kick out of your pics. Thanks!


  5. ojulius says:

    Holy cow, girl! Relax and take it easy now. Maybe you’re due for a really nice massage? Spa trip?? Some nice warm hot springs??

    Treat your body well and it will respond in kind. 🙂


  6. Melissa says:

    Hey Mary! Long time, eh? We are staying at Todd Johanson’s house in WI and were talking about you all. Looked you up and found you! Hope all is well. Great racing!


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