There IS pie in Pie Town!

Mary and Steve are leaving Pie Town with full bellies; ready to cover some ground before the rain hits.

She had an albacore tuna sandwich & a cold Pepsi for lunch, followed by a slice of creamy pecan pie & a cup of coffee before hitting the road.

Today they pulled out map section #6, laying out the final 303.1 miles to Antelope Wells. They are stocked up with food to last them to the next reliable food source- Silver City- some 180 miles away.

Strong weather in the Gilas has met racers ahead of them, particularly Felix Wong; who endured thunderstorms in the area during what could have been some of the most challenging days of his race. He left Silver City this morning making his run for the border. The forecast for Pie Town and Silver City are here.

Mary’s gabcast is down, so she asked me to post this up. She also wanted to shout out a special thank-you to The Path for shipping a new tire to the Best Western in Grants. A nail in the road somewhere near the Brazos had damaged one of her Kenda Small Block Eight tires, entering through the tread and coming through the sidewall. She managed to repair the tire well enough to get to Grants but felt more confident going into the Gilas with a fresh one. While 29″ tires are a common choice among Divide racers, they are still hard to find along the route.

She’s getting closer!!



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  1. Patsy says:

    It’s gonna happen!


  2. BikerBob says:

    From Mary’s SharedSPOT page it looks like they will be at Beaverhead Work Center around 1 pm (Friday, July 11th). There is a payphone there. Hopefully we will get an update soon.

    There is a 60% chance of T-storms in the area until midnight, but right now they are cruising. With any kind of (good) luck they will make it to Mimbres or Silver City late tonight!!!

    There is a climb south of Beaverhead, and they still have to deal with Black Canyon, Rocky Canyon, and a relatively short, steep grind up the Georgetown Road out of Mimbres. The whole area around Silver City is hilly, but on pavement.

    NM 35 is level or downhill pavement, but the Georgetown Road is dirt/mud(?) again. Once they exit the Georgetown Road they have at least 40 miles of hilly pavement, before another stretch of (hopefully dry) dirt. Seven miles east of Separ they start a 65 mile sprint on pavement; essentially without any significant hills.


  3. BikerBob says:

    The good news is that the SPOT shows them at Beaverhead Work Center at 12:44. Not bad!

    The bad news is that the updated weather reports predicts a 70% probability of T-showers this afternoon and evening. Not good!


  4. BikerBob says:

    At 7:11 pm the SPOT was showing Mary at the very bottom of Black Canyon. I am sure that the stream was gushing with water, and I suspect they fueled up for the huge climb out of Black Canyon.

    Getting out of Black Canyon (which is not labeled on the Terrain map)is the last Huge climb of the GDMBR. Hodge Canyon, which feeds into Black Canyon is labeled on the Terrain map.

    There are a couple more big climbs (Rocky Canyon and also the east end of the Georgetown Road out of Mimbres) as well as a seemingly endless number of big rollers in and out of Silver City. There is a couple of climbs on pavement south of Silver City, but they hardly get over 5%. Whereas on the dirt climbs 8-10% is more normal.

    The question remains as to whether they will make it to Silver City or beyond sometime tonight? They have made remarkable progress climbing out of Black Canyon in the last hour (as of 8:11 pm)!

    Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed with the weather too. I don’t know whether Stephen’s 6 pm flight out of El Paseo tomorrow is a drop-dead deadline? If not, then they may try to ride all night like John Nobile of the GDR. Stay tuned …


  5. BikerBob says:

    Finally, it took over two hours for the SPOT to update. The 10:21 pm signal puts them at Rocky Canyon campground. Whether they decide to claw their way out of Rocky Canyon tonight remains to be seen. They have ridden between 90 to 100 miles so far today.

    Whatever, they decide I won’t know until tomorrow because I am not waiting for 2+ hours for the next SPOT signal.

    I will quickly check the Tour Divide Leaderboard to see if Stephen’s SPOT signaled from the same location. Whether they call it quits for the night at Rocky Canyon Campground or continue, I’m going to hit the sack.

    The TD Leaderboard has not updated for awhile. Oh well, keep me in suspense.

    I suspect that Jenn Hopkins of the GDR has her sights set on Beaverhead Work Center tonight. Unfortunately we have no way to know until she calls in and Jill or Pete inform us.

    Even if she calls home from the payphone at Beaverhead Work Center, everyone is getting smart enough about the GDR rules to pretend like they don’t know anything until it is officially posted on the GDR blog. That is all part of the “self-supported” game. Whoops, I mean rule.

    However, given her level of fatigue from the infection it is quite possible she is going to bivy tonight. There is usually very little traffic in that neck of the woods even on a Friday night.

    Furthermore it is very unlikely that there will be any type of law enforcement officers around to tell her when to get off the road. There are some splendid places to hide out in La Jolla Canyon, or in the woods near Elk Springs (private). Otherwise, it is wide-open country.

    Can she catch Mary and Stephen? Stay tuned …


  6. BikerBob says:

    Okay, I lied. I am still up. So, I had to check one more time. Sure enough they are still at Rocky Canyon. It is a beautiful spot. There is a picnic table and an outhouse. There was also a warbler (sp?) that sang quite late into the night when I camped there earlier this summer.

    In the morning they can ride to the Mimbres Cafe (2 flat miles off route) and Mary can get a chile fix. Anyone from New Mexico knows what I am talking about. Plus, a cinnamon roll each will turbo charge their legs for the climb up the Georgetown Road. If they are really getting with the program, then they will get another cinnamon roll (still frozen)to go. As it thaws then they will have some jet fuel to fly over the remaining miles to Antelope Wells.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Mary……this is soo exciting. I can’t wait to “see” you finish. What an amazing accomplishment.

    Also… was a pleasure to help you out with the tire. We were glad to be a part of your effort!

    Looking forward to seeing you two.



  8. BikerBob says:

    It looks like Mary hit the OK button on her SPOT when she got to the pavement this morning (NM 35)at 8:12 am. Unfortunately, that disables the Track function until she reset the SPOT. It also appears that her 2 AA SPOT batteries are getting weak.

    In any case, Stephen’s SPOT last showed them at the little store just a tad off route near the Georgetown Road. He is probably on the phone negotiating with the airlines (and his wife) for an extra day or two until the official end of his “mid-life crisis.”

    Google “Stephen Gleasner and artist” to get the scoop. He may be reconsidering whether he would have been smarter to get the red convertible instead of riding in the Tour Divide race.

    I am sure the folks at the store are enjoying listening in on those conversations. The Mimbres Cafe is about a 7-8 minute ride away, but it remains to be seen whether they will head down there for some real good New Mexican food.

    It may be tonight sometime before I can check in again, but with Mary’s SPOT essentially turned off it really takes the fun out of being a snoop.

    They have ridden about 20 miles today and it is about 25 more hilly miles to Silver City. Depending on where you measure from it is between 120 -125 miles from Silver City to Antelope Wells. That would be an epic day (and night). In any case, baring weather, mechanicals and/or medical issues, it looks like they will get done tomorrow – sometime between early am and noonish. Ride On!


  9. sirenbicycles says:

    Ok, here’s the Dealio:

    I met up with Mary & Steve this morning, before I knew her SPOT was in the wrong setting. They’re riding together. They hit the Mimbres Store but not the cafe.

    They are on asphalt now, heading toward Silver City. Steve is a mile or two ahead, as he has a LOT of business to take care of at the bike shop & with his plane tickets.

    They are still undecided as to what to do for the rest of the day… the border is still 125 miles away, it’s 11am here at the Javalina coffee house in SC as I type this.

    Mary looks good, really really good. Not only is the swelling in her legs gone (we’ll have to post a photo sometime of how bad they were) but her legs actually look better than they did before the race.

    From what I can tell, she doesn’t seem to have lost much weight. That’s good- she didn’t have much to spare.

    Both racers are riding remarkably well. I was impressed to see how strong they are able to ride the hills, all things considered (gear, 25k miles behind them, low calories)

    Rock on!! I’m heading for the bike shop to see them come in.


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