Field Updates #21

Gabcast! Field Updates #21


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  1. mary lou says:

    Mary, We’re watching the blue dot go south, and it’s really moving quickly. Your will power is unbelievable!
    Mary Lou, Tom, Sean and Orion


  2. mary lou says:

    Here you go everyone…a little bit about our girl on the front page of the sports section of the Steamboat Pilot…


  3. Patsy and Carl says:

    Steamboat Pilot article is must read! Congratulations are a wonderful review.


  4. ojulius says:

    Mary, you are doing so well out there! Still thinking of you as you continue and approach the end of this journey. 🙂


  5. Jen A. says:

    Siren Mary – keep rollin’ You are an inspiration to all, especially to us women folk! I’ll be watching your blue dot closely. Coming back from the Zuni Mtns yesterday I wanted to stop and just sit on the trail and wait for you to pass and cheer you on – and I don’t even know you, but alas, work required my presence!!


  6. brendan says:

    Take time to stock up on food and water in these upcoming desert sections. Plan it and you’ll be sippin’ Tecate w Tim the Border Guard in no time!

    -message sent via Crackberry. IAA IT dept blocked blogspot so I can’t hear your gabcasts anymore 😦


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