Field Updates #16

Gabcast! Field Updates #16


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mary – I’ve been away for a few days and unable to follow your progress as I usually do. It has driven me crazy! Luckily, Ian’s emails have kept me posted. I was so happy to hear your message this morning. You sound so strong and good. I am happy that you are going on but we’re all behind you in any decisions you make. In the meantime, I would suggest that you focus on the task at hand, plan out your next steps but don’t spend energy on worrying about what might come up as an obstacle because, just like the snow, it might not be there when you arrive. You are fabulous!


  2. sirenbicycles says:

    Great stuff Mary!
    Sounds like Steamboat was worth the push!
    Take some good time in Steamboat, do some laundry, take a bath, get yourself smelling pretty again. 😉 Get that bike all gussied up too while you’re at it.

    You’ve had 4 really good days in a row; it’s ok to take it easy for a day if that’s the smarter, more sustainable way to go.

    Also- just a reminder: you don’t need to compare your pace to anyone but yourself. You are still very much *in* this race, covering ground at a very, very respectable pace.

    We love you so much & eagerly await hearing all your stories.



  3. Theresa says:

    you are simply amazing and an inspiration to all of us. No matter what, you’ve made it into my hero book and i know you’ll continue to rock it.


  4. Mary says:

    Every time I get to take a minute to check in here, it makes me cry. You are all so awesome and supportive. Thanks so much!!



  5. Maria Rose says:

    We are thinking about you and hope you are feeling better each day!


  6. Chad says:

    Way to stick with it….


  7. Cellarrat says:

    I’ll be watching for yah at my folks place…

    hopfuly grap a pic of yah!

    way to keep rocking it!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I met you briefly at the Whiskey. I’ve been following your progress and your gabcast today was amazing. You are SO STRONG!! Keep it up. Like the other comments have said, race your own race. You are simply amazing. I know that you can do it.


  9. Danielle says:

    Mary, you are so, so, so strong! Way to hang in there.


  10. Jason Ranoa says:

    Mary You are an amazing lady and a true inspiration to us all! Keep going!!!!!!!!!
    Jason & Heather


  11. Lucas says:

    You are so gonna make it! Keep rocking it!!! We are all thinking of you!


  12. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Mary:
    It was great seeing you and your entourage this morning. (Mary travels with a film crew behind her). You are one inspiring lady. I have sent Brendan and Patsy the pix. I hope that they can post them, so that everyone sees how great you look!!!
    Love, Mary Lou and Tom


  13. vwmomma says:

    Hey “Mummy” Know what???? Your Mommy loves You!!! xoxoxo P.S. It is Tuesday at 3:00 A.M. and Dad says to tell you “You’re awesome” Julie is getting antsy to see you and we will see you soon. xoxoxo


  14. Patsy says:

    Awesome and inspirational, you are.


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