Racing(!) in Boulder, WY

Mary called earlier but couldn’t get to a reliable phone for the Tour Divide call-in or her own Gabcast. She asked me to post this update.

Today, Mary rode 100+ miles, picking up her shock seal kit in Pinedale & settling in at a campground near Boulder, where she’ll perform surgery on her damaged shock. (The seals in her damper were damaged when a threaded sleeve came loose & exposed the internals to the outside world. This was a result of friction between her seat bag & the shock.)

She’s had a good couple of days. Yesterday she stayed at a Trail Angel’s house before Union Pass, where she stayed with a couple GDMBR tourists & enjoyed good company. Yesterday was a slow day spent settling back into the groove with her “new” legs.

Today, Mary said she she hit a low point when the lead group of GDR racers- who started a week after her- caught her on the trail today. She managed to block the negative thoughts and instead turned it into motivation to ride faster. Mary said it was a reminder that she was indeed “racing” and promptly shifted from her granny gear into her middle ring on a climb. She said she hammered for a long while today and that “it felt good to go fast for a change.”

Marys legs are reportedly doing well. She said they actually felt pretty good today & she’s looking forward to another good day tomorrow.

Other fun facts:
-Today Mary crossed the Continental Divide for the 8th time, at Union Pass, 9,210ft.
-Mary enjoyed a delicious Ice Cream cone in Pinedale today.
-While enjoying the aforementioned Ice Cream, she had her photo taken by the local paper- that should make for a good shot! 😉



12 Comments Add yours

  1. vwmomma says:

    Hey, Mary & Brendan Just came off the mountain from girls camp to check on race info. Cooking for 130 girls is ruff but not as hard as your ride. Julie, James, & mom send their love from Cloudcroft, NM Hang in their. Glad your legs are better and crazy at that. Love you, MOM xoxoxo


  2. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo. Keep shredding the gnar!

    I’ve been out in the Sierras backpacking for a few days…..kept thinking of you and the others out there and wondering how it was going. Soo glad to hear that everything is still moving along for you!

    We’re going to have to throw one heck of a “welcome back” party.



  3. Sabrosa Cycles says:

    keep cranking mary!


  4. Namrita O'Dea says:

    yeah mary!


  5. Namrita O'Dea says:

    yeah mary!


  6. Denise says:

    Mary- You are doing great, you are making history, and you are and ever will be the coolest!

    Thinking of you every day here in Pine Cove.

    Love, Denise


  7. ewxlt66 says:

    Go Mary! Go Mary!

    Leslie and I are pulling for you!


  8. Carrie says:

    I like your mom’s comment about crazy legs! Perhaps that’s your new nickname…Crazy Legs Mary. 🙂
    Keep cranking girl!


  9. YuriB says:

    Awesome! Go Mary – we’re living vicariously


  10. Patsy and Carl says:

    Keep on truckin’. We’re following your every move, with pride.


  11. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Mary:

    We are on our way to Steamboat Springs CO. When I called a friend in Steamboat, he gave me all the updates on your progress. They are following the site. So, you have fans in Steamboat Springs!! We’ll be seeing you soon at “The Boat”

    Mary Lou, Tom and Orion (Jamie’s son)


  12. ojulius says:

    Go Mary!! Don’t let those GDR racers get you down. You are so right on to use it as motivation. Keep on cranking!! 🙂


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