Field Updates #11

Gabcast! Field Updates #11


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  1. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    Great to hear Mary.
    Enjoy the ride


  2. LyndaW says:

    way to tough it through the hump days. You are showing us how much it takes to do something like this! Great going Mary!!!


  3. Matt McFee says:

    I’m really happy you’re pressing on. Your story is richening with each hurdle.


  4. Anonymous says:

    We are watching and cheering and crying. We miss you!


  5. Jill says:

    Go Mary go!

    What a tough spot to be in – and the fact you decided to tough it out is inspiring. Good luck out there.


  6. sirenbicycles says:

    Update- Mary called late this afternoon and reported feeling much better & that she was having a fantastic day in the saddle.


  7. vwmomma says:

    Hey Mary, Sounds like you are up and going again. Boy, you were always a trooper. Good Job. Hang in there. Love you, MOM xoxoxo


  8. Anonymous says:

    Mary….you are Wonder Woman!


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