Lovin’ in the Oven – Frieda

Not only did I have an amazing weekend of riding and great night of camping at Black Mountain – today was a pretty special day. I’ve been riding my GDR prototype bike for about a month now and today we took a little something special out of the oven – Frieda. We honed the geometry a little more based on some of the long rides I’ve been doing and made a few tweaks and she’s now looking VERY Great-Divide-aliscious!

As an endurance bike, she’s pretty fredular. In looking for a name, I started throwing around feminine names – my bikes are too pretty to be guys – equivalent to Fred. The name Frieda came to mind since it’s pretty similar and it stuck for a few reasons.

There was of course Frida Kahlo (whose name was originally spelled with an e) who was a strong and talented Mexican painter who endured a remarkably tumultuous life overcoming polio at age 6 and enduring many many operations as part of her recovery from a horrible bus accident.

Then there was Frieda – the Peanuts character – who had really rad curly hair.
Plus, I just like how the name looks and sounds. So, she’s my feminine Fred – strong, goofy, and beautiful in her own special way!! Here’s a couple pics of the real Frieda along the path to perfection…


7 Comments Add yours

  1. sirenbicycles says:

    Frieda will be one seriously Fredular bike!


  2. Badger says:

    Turn oven to 180 and bake for forty minutes. Can’t wait to see finished product


  3. Cellarrat says:

    cool name…

    Haven’t come up with a name for my vassago yet….


  4. Brendan says:

    Me too Badger! 😉

    Cellrat- that name will come to you, I’m sure of it.


  5. Lucas says:

    So cool! You are going to have one (more) sweet ride!


  6. ojulius says:

    You are one lucky girl!!


  7. Hunter says:

    Hi Mary,
    I’m interested in talking to you about being in a film we’re producing about this year’s Tour Divide. I’ll be in So Cal later this week/weekend & would love to interview you if you have a moment.

    Please contact me through this form: http://www.10mph.com/contact/index.html to help me avoid the Spam Spiders.


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