Carol Ann does Cohutta! (preview)

Carol Ann and Brian – yeah, she’s always this cute!

This weekend, I’m not racing, but my good friend CarolAnn is. She and Brian are going with a group of friends to do the Cohutta 100 in Polk County Tennessee near Ducktown. It’s part of the NUE Mountain bike series and since CA is from that area, it’s one of her favorites.

Last year CA placed 13th in the women’s field, coming in almost 4 hours after the leader. It is a pretty stiff field, but as CA put it “last year my longest ride before Cohutta was less than 50 miles… maybe less than 40.” This year she has been training for this race and is hoping to do much better. She’s changed up a lot in her diet and is just all around much more fit this year. She says she’s not aiming to win it, but is feeling positive about a great race.
I can’t wait to see how CarolAnn does. Plus, this event always attracts some great competition, so I’m sure she’ll have stories to tell. I’ve asked her to call in to my blog and give us a race update. So, this should be exciting. My first real call-in and by such a wonderful person! Here’s to CA – good luck out there and we look forward to hearing your stories from an epic weekend!



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  1. Dave says:

    She’s riding strong this year! And all that sushi has to help too. And that picture is soooooooooooooo cute!!


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