What an amazing weekend!

Well, I’ll let Brendan tell you more about the riding, but this was a weekend well spent. We clocked in just over 80 miles and just over 13 hrs of riding – carrying a ton of gear. We both got lots of new freckles and a lot of vitamin D!

The highlight for me though was getting home to a camera phone pic that my brother sent me of my new car. I’m picking it up this week and my dad just finished rebuilding the engine for me. He put a little bigger engine than the one that was in it. My new 71 karmann ghia had a 1200cc little guy in it and now it has a 1600 (dualport) in it. I can’t wait. I get to drive it home from NM to CA next weekend – stay tuned!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve Ballmer says:

    I love your pictures, good blog!


  2. Cellarrat says:

    Way cool wheels!


  3. Maria Rose says:

    Awesome car!


  4. gpickle says:

    Good looking car that one! I have been following your blog as you prepare for the GDR as I am hoping to ride it in 09. Maybe I can learn some lessons from your planning. Now I find a VW picture here and as a big VW fan I have to say congratulations on your new drive. I enjoy your writing and adventuring and thank you for sharing.


  5. sirenbicycles says:

    Your Twitter thing is cool now that your Ghia trip is underway. I can’t wait to get a ride in that beauty!

    btw- I’ve got a ride up my sleeve: start in IDY, drop a good 4000 ft & make yer way back up via a canyon or two… it’s got you written all over it.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Did I tell you I hate you? I’m so jelous! Road trip- you’re driving! Congrats on the new toy! 🙂


  7. Sabrosa Cycles says:

    Hot damn! That ghia is in great shape. She’s a beauty. I have been wanting to get my hands on one for years now. My ’72 Beetle (Dieter) is our only vehicle and a mighty fine one at that. I splurged and went for the 1915cc. He scoots. You’ll love that car.


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