Thomas Mountain weighed down

I’m in the overnight mode right now getting ready for GDR and also the Rim Ride and this past weekend did a couple long rides toting my gear around. I ended up not camping out, but just worked on my system, setup camp, ate road food (gas station type goodies), and packed home.

Saturday I rode out in May Valley. I toted 4 liters on my back, two bottles, my solo tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a few tools, clothes and lots of food. The ride was good, but I felt like my strength to weight ratio was all out of whack – well it was. I realized how psyched I am going to be on 29inch wheels with all this weight. The added pounds make it hard to stay light over techy stuff and your bike wants to sink down into every rut. The big wheels are going to counter that though and keep me afloat. I could feel it with my big front, but just wait!

Sunday Brendan and I went out to Thomas mountain. We made better time than I think we’ve ever made going up the mountain, but we hit the singletrack and snow as it was getting dark. I was trying a AA battery operated nightrider light, since I would be able to restock batteries on GDR and won’t have to carry a charger for it. We also outfitted Brendan’s helmet with his tiny backpacking headlamp. These lights would probably burn for days on AA batteries, but that also meant – not too bright! The tech was slow as I’d outrun my lights any time we picked up speed. Finally, as it was getting cold and late, I turned on my backup real light so we could just crank.

Again, I carried lots of weight and just considered it extra training. I also had about 50 things mounted on my handlebars, so I’m sure I looked like a goofball. Hope you get a good laugh about the upside down gps!


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  1. ssportsman says:


    that sounds awesome, great writing about your trials in preparation for the GDR. I have an idea, I’d bet that we can rig up a disposable battery pack for my Ayup lights, and if so, I’d be fine with you using them for the GDR. JIC. Lightweight and pretty bright..


  2. Bandit says:

    With all that extra weight your training sounds like mine when I’m back in Wisconsin.


  3. Cellarrat says:

    Frame bags… and a bedroll on the bars helps keep a bit of wight off your back… Fork mounted bottles also keep a bit off the back..

    Just planning on a blader on the back.. not to much else

    Frame bag for heavy stuff try and get CG down low…

    I’m a fan of alot of the ptech AA lights they are reulated and run forever on lithium AA’s


  4. Mary Collier says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping to get a frame bag from Carousel designs in time and I didn’t show pics from Saturday’s ride, but the bedroll under the bars worked nice. I also used a compression sack beneath my saddle that worked nice. We’re hoping to put rack mounts on so I can run a rack in the back though.


  5. Chris says:

    Nice jersey Brendan! Looks sweet out there!


  6. Matt says:

    Nice upside down Garmin. 😉

    Good work Mary!


  7. Lucas says:

    I am really enjoying your prep stories. I look forward to watching your progress!


  8. Anonymous says:

    awesome handlebar choice.

    craig d.


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