Go crazy alaskan racers and californian warriors!

Man, what a day to be away from civilization. I had a navigation day today with the desert institute at Joshua Tree – but this isn’t about that. I’ve got another day tomorrow of honing the backcountry navigation skills but the exciting stuff is going on in Alaska and SoCal out on the racecourses.

Jill is struggling out on the iditarod course and trying to pull it in. Mike and the guys who are doing the whole 1100 miles are cruising through this mess. Wow, these people are crazy! Good luck to you all.

Lynda and Dave are rockin it today at vision quest. They might be about done, but I haven’t heard anything – so good luck to those troopers as well.

We’ll get more info on these events tomorrow and I’ll have a review of the J-tree backcountry with some cool photos – so stay tuned!

Keep rockin all you nuts!

Just found this http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/trail-talk/14920-rr-vq-cc-3.html on SoCal trailriders! This guy looks familiar.

I heard that Dave got 2nd and Lynda 3rd for SS Vision Quest – holy cow…good stuff.

Also heard that Jill made it in and Mike might be stopping at 350miles. What a weekend.


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