Simpson Rocks

OK, so my camera phone pics don’t rock, but our digital camera is still missing in action. Yeah, we gotta get a new one ASAP.

Today I took a fun ride down to Hemet with Todd. We had to get out of the snow and get in the 75 degrees and sunny weather. The control road down was a blast (crazy scary big ruts from all the recent rains though) and I felt like a kid on an amusement park ride. Todd got a little ahead of me and I’m sure when he looked back up the road, I looked like a kid getting thrown around by the twister from hell.

We strolled through hemet to Simpson park and the sun was blaring down for a fun warm ride. Simpson is always fun with a good climb up the lake street climb then a day of tech and twists and short burst climbs. Todd split off around 1pm so he could ride back up the control road. I was meeting up with Brendan, so was able to get in another spin around the funky hills of Simpson.

I decided to explore and try to find an alternative way out of the park. I ended up going through a high field overlooking Hemet and found the most cool rock I’ve seen in a real long time. It was about 20 feet tall and looked like a boulderer’s paradise (there weren’t any chalk marks to be found though.) I had to even take a little hike off the trail to get a closer look. The camera phone pic doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

I ended up coming out some super steep road leaving gates with spiraled barbed wire and many no trespassing signs (no idea what this was, but didn’t stop to ask.) I then headed into hemet and met up with Brendan to finish the adventure with El Pollo Loco – tasty chicken Caesar salad. Now, Brendan’s out on a night ride. I pretty much strapped a light on his head and kicked him out the door – sometimes you have to be forced to find that sanity out on the trail. It was long overdue, and I think he’ll thank me.

What a great day!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt McFee says:

    75 degrees sounds pretty damn heavenly at the moment.


  2. ssportsman says:

    I’d be interested in coming down sometime and during the ride, we can leave a little climbing chalk on that boulder..


  3. Bandit says:

    Thanks for showing me around, we’ll have to hit Simpson park again after O.P. Maybe we can get Brendan to join us as well.

    p.s. Thanks for the linkage to my blog. In a couple of weeks it should really be something to check out.


  4. Brendan says:

    Count me IN for some Simpson park riding after the OP.


  5. Matt says:

    That rock looks like a mushroom. Mushroom Rock, has a nice ring to it, eh.


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