Armageddon is nigh…heehee!

It’s been a while since i’ve stepped into the blogosphere on the world wide web, but I’m back.

Maybe it isn’t Armageddon, but this weekend has the possibility of being torrential. It’s snowing here now and we’ll be heading off the hill and into the rain this weekend for our first 12 hr of the year. The forecast calls for rain pretty much all day. Temps will start out chilly and end chilly, but get up to 60 degrees mid day.

SWEEET! I just checked the forecast and as of yesterday it was 70% chance all day and now it’s dropped down to 40%. I’m still anticipating rain, but maybe it won’t be all day. I’m psyched for the first race of the year and hope it isn’t a mudfest. For those of you that want good entertainment, get your rain coats and come out to Vail. I know a few other women are registered for solo, but you never know who will show up to these things. I’m psyched to check out some of my GoreBikeWear duds- i wasn’t sure i’d get this great opportunity to test ’em out! This will be a good training race for Old Pueblo and also a shake down for the season. Gotta love California – we’ve had about a month of downtime I think.

So, we don’t have our new ezup yet and it looks like we’re putting that on hold for a few months. In lieu of this eye candy, we’re getting some new stickers. The last ones were round so people didn’t know which way was up. Here’s a taste of the new ones – get yours at Old Pueblo.

Wish me luck and i’m sure i’ll have stories to tell next week!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lucas says:

    Good luck Mary! I will be rooting for you and Todd! I bet your Gore wear will make the difference! Light it up!


  2. Mother Bliss says:

    If I don’t see you at the race, best of luck to you (and Brendan?)and hope the weather treats you right. Pending the weather, the kids and I will stay home and David will just go by himself. If he (or I) hang out long enough, we’ll have some chili so swing on by! Someone said we’re having snow till Tues, possible 3′ total. Gosh, I hope he’s wrong. Can’t wait to get one of your stickers. Looks cool.


  3. Cellarrat says:

    have fun!


  4. Chris says:

    Good luck and kick some butt!


  5. ojulius says:

    Cool stickers! Good luck on your race. 🙂


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