First 12 hour of the year

So, yesterday I savored 12 hours on my bike and it was a great day! The first 12 hrs of Temecula went down well. The weather forecast the whole week before was daunting. We weren’t sure what to expect, but ended up getting excellent weather for almost the whole time. My goal was to get…

Armageddon is nigh…heehee!

It’s been a while since i’ve stepped into the blogosphere on the world wide web, but I’m back. Maybe it isn’t Armageddon, but this weekend has the possibility of being torrential. It’s snowing here now and we’ll be heading off the hill and into the rain this weekend for our first 12 hr of the…

EZ Update!

Here’s the mockup we got back from ezup. What do people think?

Seeking Artistic Input

A new year is upon us and many decisions will come with this new year. The race season is here and we will be traveling like bandits from event to event. We’ve come a long way in the past year and we’re going to do this year up right. For starters we’re getting new ez…

No more solo rides in the evenings!

We have a new trail in Idyllwild called cat kill trail – there’s a reason. Some of the local bikers found parts of a dead deer on it. I think we have proof now. We’ve seen lots of tracks out there that look like a big cat and they are usually right along deer tracks….

30 HA!

Hey everyone – check out Brendan’s blog – very important stuff is going down here at the Siren headquarters! Mary