Project Rwanda Ride with Leslie and the Bretts

This weekend we rode the Project Rwanda Benefit – the Fifty Mile Ride – in Orange County. We hooked up with some great people, hit some hills pretty hard, and had a great time. Brendan and I were hoping to meet up with our friend Lucas, but couldn’t find him. So, we started the ride and ran in to some other friends along the way.

Leslie Williams – aka, the Niner girl – and a couple Bretts kept us rolling along at a good clip. We didn’t know the Bretts well before the ride, but ended up hammering each other on the ride and enjoying a beer together afterwards. This is one event that I’d highly recommend. The people were great and even though they had to recreate the course because of the fires – the 50 miles of urban trails, kept us entertained.


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  1. Lucas says:

    I am glad that you guys had fun! I am super bummed that I couldn’t make it. Brendan’s white Song looks great! How is the new Gortex wear working?


  2. Mother Bliss says:

    You have the best weekends, you make me jealous! Polliwoggy is Dave Thompsons’s wife. Her blog is “Memoirs of a Polliwogg”, linked off my site. It’s cool to see another cook/baker. Her stuff’s more complex than mine, it’s neat.


  3. Matt says:

    Looks like a fun ride…tried to make it last year, but we were having too much fun in Malibu.


  4. Mary Collier says:


    I’m really diggin the new GoreBikeWear stuff. It’s very comfy good fabric and has a nice cut. The softshell I got is my new mvp with chilly mornings here in the mountains.

    Yumi – I do know her! Funny!


  5. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome crew for the Rwanda ride! It was great riding with you and Brendan. Your headline for this entry makes me chuckle. Rock on.

    Brett (#002)


  6. Anonymous says:

    Great to hang with you and Brendan and hammer the hills! Always cool to see some beautiful, hand-made bikes out there. See you on the trails…
    Brett (#001)


  7. Brendan says:

    Which Brett is #001, #002? Is there a #007?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Q: “Who does #002 work for?”

    #001 = CO = BLL
    #002 = CA = BES


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