24 Hours of Pain with Robby the squirrel

Idyllwild isn’t a very big town (around 3500 people), so it’s not hard to become a local celebrity. Siren was in the comics 2 weeks in a row, so I think we’ve made it! Fortunately, i’m a fox and Todd is the weasel – heehee! Robby is the recurring squirrel character who always gets made fun of. I won’t tell you how it ended, but I’ve included the scanned comics – looks like Robby had a great time!

They’re a little confusing, so we looked up sites that explain comics – here’s some good reading.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mother Bliss says:

    That’s so neat, you need to save it to show your kids someday! Do you know the comic artist?


  2. Brendan says:

    Yep, things’re going good up here in the ‘Wild. I predict we’ll see chainsaw-art Marys poppin’ up around town in no time!


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