Pinkham Canyon Exploration

There once was a girl who got bored with life on the mountain. She craved something more. She needed an adventure – exploration! She packed up the car with 2 beautiful bikes and brought along a nice young man to ride one. They drove and drove, out into the desert. At last, they came to where the pavement ended and the road got a little rough for the superu.
From there, the two embarked on an exploration in what would become known as Pinkham Canyon. The Canyon started out wide and sandy – very slow going. Fortunately, they brought along plenty of food and water as there was always the possibility that they would have to survive for quite some time out there.
The ride became a hike when the sand got deep and dry. At times, the little adventurer would wander out of the wash just to be able to ride, but would find herself a bit off track and tangled in a patch of cats claw. The Journey took the two over the cotton wood mountains and into the area referred to as Joshua Tree. Once the two had climbed about 1,700 feet, the land leveled out. Here it became delicious hard packed rolly terrain. After a snack break, the two sailed through the high country and out to civilization – circling the cotton wood mountains.
The two adventurers would then scream downhill on pavement to the South. As soon as they could, they’d duck back into the mountains and head west, following the power lines. The power line roads were fun and fast for a little while. At about mile 8 of this though, the young man who came along to entertain the little adventurer would get somewhat tired. The two ride for a while without speaking as their bums were sore. She reminded him – it’s right over that next hill (a few times.)

When the Superu came into sight it was welcome and not a bit too soon. The arduous day would make for a trip to remember. This 36 miles felt like much more with the continuous uphill sand and the sun beating down.

The two made it home in time to eat and drink plenty to reward themselves for a day of hard work.


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  1. ssportsman says:

    Incredible!!! The riding, the writing, and the photoging.

    Somehow, I can’t bring myself to feel any sympathy for the poor, tired young man that your brought along on your adventure. Nor can I not comment that many of your rides seem to involve long stretches of sandy, not-quite-rideable stretches…


  2. Lucas says:



  3. Matt says:

    Sweet. Nothing like having warm temps just down the road from your home!


  4. ojulius says:

    Looks like an awesome ride in nice, warm temps. 🙂 I love the photos, you’ve got an eye for the great shots!


  5. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    Gotta love the high desert in the winter…….


  6. Brendan says:

    As they say in Moab, sand simulates mileage. Maybe that’s why I feel like we rode a double century.


  7. Jack says:

    Nicely written, really got to core of the ride. Well done.


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