50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda

Wow – California…no real off-season! I’m enjoying this riding year round (a little snow, but not bad) but it’s time for the events and travelling to start back up again. I’ve been doing a bit of training this winter (more than last winter anyhow) and have a fun training ride coming up.

It’s a 50 miler that’s a benefit for Project Rwanda in 2 weeks. The cool part about this is that I get to meet up with Leslie and Eric and Carol Ann and Brian (hopefully) since they all live in Orange County and the ride is just down the road from them. Project Rwanda, for those of you that aren’t too familiar was started by Tom Ritchey and is an awesome undertaking to help the citizens of Rwanda to rebuild their country in many ways. As part of the race, you get a pledge form which you can take around to sponsors to raise more money for the project. I’ll try this week to see what I can raise – something’s better than nothing right? I’ll update the blog with the results of our efforts in the next two weeks.

The ride is perfectly timed to be a good training ride, just a few weeks out from the first Temecula 12 hour, which is just a few weeks out from Old Pueblo!!!! It’s picking up, before you know it we’ll be back in Moab.


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