A Taste of Chicago

We ate a lot this week in Chicago – fortunately, I was too busy to keep track of it in my nutrition calculator, because it was sinful. The trip was a blast and I was still able to train while there. I was in Chicago for a conference for work, but had my anniversary while there. So, Brendan joined me Thursday for a celebration that would last through the weekend and involve lots of exploration and great food.

The first couple of nights there, I didn’t venture too far out. I was staying at the Marriott on Michigan Ave, but did go out to find Internet at a good tea shop stood out in the snow catching it in my mouth as it came down – Crazy Californian! I was still on my home time schedule, so I stayed out pretty late wandering the streets. It was pretty hard to get up that early to make it to the gym before the conference started though.

The day Brendan arrived, he pulled an all-nighter to take the midnight flight and get in at 6am. He slept while I was in the conference and we promptly split afterwards to wander around Millennium Park then find sushi. We saw people ice-skating but the place was about to close, so we vowed to return and check this one off the list.

Friday, I got out at noon so we had a lot more time for fun. We walked around downtown, then went ice-skating – my first time ever. Then, we headed out to Wicker Park for dinner (that’s where Brendan grew up.) On the way to the subway, we stumbled upon some German Christmas festival and drank some hot wine in a little boot and ate chocolate covered apples and pears. After some super tasty Thai food, we headed back into the city. The nights were chilly, but much welcomed. We had so many interactions with people that made me remember how nice Midwesterners are – I really miss it.

With sushi and Thai out of the way, we had to go get Pizza with Brendan’s mom on Saturday – can’t do Chicago without it! The pizza was great and I hit her local gym for my workout. We stayed last night out in Naperville with his mom – it’s always good to catch up with her. Before hopping on the plane, we grabbed some great barbecue – also a necessary stop while in town. Now, I’m on the plane home, running late because of the weather in Chicago, composing this. What a great trip. I’d like to live there, but man the biking isn’t near as accessible. I really enjoyed seeing the city in its holiday splendor. Everything was lit up and the snow made it even brighter.

Whoah – got home to more snow here than in Chicago – it’s already melting though!


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  1. Lucas says:

    What great pictures! Totally loving all the talk of the food too! Super great to see the Gramicci sticker on the water bottle! I see a new sport in your guys’ future…24 Hours of Ice Skating…


  2. Mary Collier says:

    Chicago’s great for food, but we really do love to eat. I have to say that my feet were tired after a half hour of ice-skating – I guess you have to build up for it.


  3. Mother Bliss says:

    Wow, looks like you guys had a great time. I can’t figure out what that thing is, with your reflection. Almost looks like a chunk of ice. What is it?


  4. Brendan says:

    Ma Bliss- that’s the Bean, at Millennium Park.

    Lucas- I wondered if you’d notice the stickers. Good eyes!

    My highlights: don’t forget the Chicago hot dogs, the mexican food near the Mexican Art museum. And the Map exhibit at the Field Museum. Oh yeah, and free night at the Art Institute! there was the BBQ too, which Mary missed out on. Pulled pork sandwiches worth dying for!


  5. ssportsman says:

    Great pictures and written memories. Thanks for sharing. Some cities are pretty cool to visit with so many things to see and do (and eat, mmm, I love to eat), but we would start missing the easy access to trails..

    The pictures at the Bean are incredible


  6. Dave says:

    Never been ice skating!!!! Criminal!


  7. Matt says:

    Shicaaaaago? Ewe en shicaaaaaago? Dem bares argonna win de superbowl.

    Yeah, da bares.


  8. ojulius says:

    Looks like a fun place to visit…for a short period of time. 🙂

    Great pics!


  9. Brendan says:

    If I wasn’t snowdin I’d vote fer da Mare Richie a duzzin times!

    Aw, fer crysake, where’djya leave the garachkey?!


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