On the move again!

Wow – so it’s been a fun week! The slab was poured for our new shop and we’re getting excited. Things are good in Idyllwild. Brendan’s here on the hill full time now and the new shop should be ready soon. The new place is a little more centrally located in town and is in an area that is less residential, so late night escapades will be welcome. Here are a couple pics of the slab – yeah, I know, it’s just concrete…but it’s not JUST concrete – besides, Bella’s handprints are in it. So – here’s the future home of Siren Bicycles!

With a little down time in races and with no shop to work in, we’ve been getting in some good rides lately. We had a great adventure with Dave See last Saturday and another one with Brian on Sunday. Saturday ended up being a 11 hour ride which we started before the sun came up and got home just before it went down. We lost our camera this week, so we were using Dave’s camera and the screen is broke, so we didn’t know how it would come out, but I’m psyched to say that we all got some cool shots with it. We also covered some beautiful trail, found some honey comb, stopped to filter water, used our map skills, and I had a tree land on my head!

Sunday was a great ride on the Santa Ana River Trail with Brian. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pics, but Brian had a nice little spill right at the start – so of course I got a pic of that. SART is always beautiful and even though i don’t look forward to driving over an hour to ride my bike – it is always worth it!

Good thing Brian carries alcohol wipes with him, so he can have a good burn on the ride.

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  1. Dave says:

    That tree pic is pretty funny.

    And I like B and B in matching kit, too.


  2. Lucas says:

    Beautiful pics! Love the tree pic…it makes you look like you have hair just like the Bride of Frakenstein! Hope to ride with you guys soon. Amazing times to you guys this weekend!


  3. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    Good times
    Great trail
    Better Peeps


  4. Dave Harris says:

    Love the do. The new tune is pretty sweet too. And new concrete, woohoo!


  5. Mary Collier says:

    Yeah, Dave, I especially like the part in the song about dried up mucous in my nose! – Wow, this is one big dave party that Lucas and I slipped into – 3 Daves posting. It’s great when you find wierd features out there like that tree. Bet you don’t know which way is up! heehee!


  6. Brendan says:

    Mmm.. I love fresh concrete! Yep, that’ll be the new birthing ward for pretty much any Siren from here forward.

    The structure was scheduled to go up tomorrow (Friday) but it sounds like it might be delayed a bit longer for steel. Hopefully we’ll get it up this coming week. I’m off the whole time with nothing but a huge list of frames to build. Full power won’t be ready for another two weeks past then, which we’ll need for the welder & the newest addition– a Bridgeport mill with cnc’able upgrades… can’t wait.

    Ride ride ride


  7. Anonymous says:

    It hadn’t dawned on me that Brendan and I were wearing matching packs and jerseys. How cute.

    The “bleeding knee” pic really captures the alchohol sting feeling though……witness clinched fists and forearms:-)


  8. Jeff Kerkove says:

    Yeah, new tunes on the blog!


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