Getting ready for the 12 hr!

So, Brendan’s doing the 12 hrs of Temecula in a week and we went out and rode the course. It’s gonna be a fun one. Lots of climbing – I think more than the old course. This weekend’s his last big ride to get ready. We’re doing an all day ride tomorrow then I’ve got another one planned for Sunday then Monday. He’ll be tapering down for the week, so I don’t think he’ll go with me Sunday or Monday. It’s good to see him back on the bike. He has a bit more time on his hands these days and we rode 4 days this week – that’s a change for him. Add to that a long day Saturday and he’ll be ready to rock for his first 12 hr. Good Luck on your first 12 hr Brendan!

Here’s a pic of one of our recent training rides – I kinda tricked them into a training ride by telling them how fun the end of the Art Smith trail is. heehee!

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  1. Matt says:

    We’ll see you guys there. I’m doing SSolo and Jeni & Sportsman are doing the SSduo.

    B-man – I lost your email; mcturge @ yahoo


  2. Lucas says:

    Looks like great weather! Good luck to team Siren! Tear it up guys!


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